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College students have been known to fuel their bodies with processed junk. Like the days when they find themselves at a coffee shop twice in one day… or grabbing fast food for breakfast, lunch or both.  They are often starved for time, low on energy and just….overwhelmed and stressed.  This Energy Lift Tropical Green Smoothie is full of fresh fruits and dark leafy greens that provide energy and a fast healthy meal that actually tastes good.

In the fall, Allison will be heading back to college and living in an apartment.  When you start digging into the actual “needs” of a college student you quickly realize you are setting up a whole new household, especially if they are living in an apartment.  Allison loves to bake and cook a little, so she’s most excited about stocking her kitchen.

We talked about what she would need while living away at college, since she decided to stay at home last year.  I must admit, it was a change of plans that this mom was happy with.  It was a bittersweet occasion, I was a little sad that she wasn’t ready to head off on her own yet, but yet proud beyond measure that she had the courage to tell us.

Having her home another year was just what we needed.  She registered at the community college, so she was able to get a taste of college life, while still being at home.  Now, she feels ready to try it on her own this fall.  She is such a beautiful and strong willed woman who works hard for what she wants, so I have all the confidence that she will be just fine. She is ready for college and I am so thankful for that, but I will be terribly sad to not have her with me every day. 

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