German Mulled Wine | Glühwein

Perfect for a holiday gathering, this warm mulled wine recipe is ready to serve in 30 minutes. It's so easy to make on the stove, or mull it in the slow cooker.

Mulled Wine or Glühwein is a warm winter German version of sangria that tastes like Christmas. Start a new family tradition with this belly-warming hot holiday punch recipe at

It’s kind of like mulled cider……only better!  Mulled Wine, or Glühwein as it’s called in German speaking countries, is a traditional beverage that is offered during the Christmas holidays.  I’m serving it up today for a Thanksgiving Cocktail Bloghop hosted by Home Stories A to Z.

I recently learned about Mulled Wine at a wine tasting event at our local grocery store.  I was chatting and sampling wine with the fun lady at the yellow tail table, when she told me about Glühwein, or mulled wine.  She said mulled wines have been warming people for centuries. Typically made with red wine, the wine is sweetened, spiced and heated.   She assured me that the mulled wine is a delightful alternative to traditional coffee, cider or a hot toddy at holiday gatherings or just on a cold winter’s night. I wrote down everything she told me, bought a bottle of yellow tail sangria and figured I’d make it for one of our holiday gatherings. 

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