Welcome to the Party!!

While my daughter’s and I are heading to The Windy City, another blogger has accepted my invitation to host I’m Lovin’ It this week!!!

So today while I’m Lovin’ Chicago, Amanda is going to share what SHE is Lovin‘………..Enjoy!!……..I think I see a cupcake with MY name on it down there……


I am so, so, so honored to be able to hang out at Tidymom’s blog today! Hers is much cleaner then mine, and I have a feeling her kitchen always smells good… fresh cupcakes and fruit roll ups and Gooey Upside Down German Chocolate Cake? Um, yes please!

But anyway… since it is Friday and all, I thought I would share with you somethin’ that I love. Ya know, for I’m Lovin’ It 

One thing that I love is finding a ‘trash’ and making it a ‘treasure’.

I have a little baking blog and I really struggled to find ways to photograph cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. Cake stands are gorgeous, but can be so expensive! So one day at the thrift store, I spotted a candle stick for less then a $1 and an idea hit me. I would make my own!

I have made about 20 so far, and every single one is white! So I needed something new.

I picked up these little diddies at my local thrift store.

home made cake stand

They are ok on their own, but not as pretty as I would like, and certainly not functional. Although I am drawn to all things shiny, these just dont work when trying to photograph a scrumptious dessert. Who wants to see me and my camera in the reflection?

I decided to spray paint these black. I normally choose satin, but I was drawn to the semi-gloss this time.

home made cake stand

home made cake stand

Since it has been so hot, it took all of 15 minutes to complete.

Wanna see how everything turned out???

(insert dramatic drum roll here please. What? I cant do that? Can someone please figure out a html code for dramatic drum roll and email it to me? Thanks.)

home made cake stand

I painted this base white. Its perfect for those extra special cupcakes!

home made cake stand

The black plate turned out beautifully if I dont say so myself.

home made cake stand

And I love my little cupcake stand!

home made cake stand

But my favorite it using the plate and cupcake stand as a cake pedestal!


I want you to know, since this is just spray paint, I wouldn’t actually serve food off of them. These are more for decorative purposes, or for props. You certainly could use them for serving! You just purchase a special paint at home improvement and craft stores that seals the paint and is safe for eating off of.

home made cake stand

So there you have it! Something that I’m Lovin’!

Thanks you SO much Cheryl for having me over… next time lets sample some of your refreshing Strawberry Lemonade drinks… its hot out there! 🙂


Now it’s your turn, let us know what you’re lovin’ this week! If you have something to share with us on your blog, add your link below.
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