Looking for the best places to eat North of the Chicago Loop? We’ve got you covered with eight restaurants that can’t be missed.

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8 Must-Try Restaurants North of The Chicago Loop

Everyone knows, that when it comes to the Chicago food scene, the options are endless. Some say you could try a new restaurant every day of your life, and still not make it through all that the Second City has to offer.

While you might not be able to try out every new spot in the city, there are a handful of places that can’t be missed. We’ve broken down 8 North Chicago restaurants into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and pizza (because we all know pizza deserves its own spotlight to shine in) so you can find the best places to eat any time of the day.


The Bongo Room

Location: Andersonville and Wicker Park 

french toast from Bongo Room Chicago restaurant

You can’t go wrong ordering just about anything on this menu with both sweet and savory dishes that are insanely good. If you have a sweet spot (pun intended) for pancakes, then you’ll really be in heaven.

The cranberry and yellow corn flapjacks are life-changing and any self-respecting pancake lover should experience this breakfast treat at least once. Just be sure to get there early as the wait can be lengthy especially on the weekends.

Batter and Berries

Location: Lincoln Park

french toast flight from Batter and Berries Chicago restaurant

Batter and berries is a classic breakfast spot that will steal your heart immediately. Its a small hole in the wall type of place, but don’t let that fool you. As soon as you take one bite of their infamous french toast, there will be no going back.

Without a doubt, the best thing to get on the menu is the french toast flight. You can try one slice of each type of their french toast which will have you on cloud nine, and possibly unbuttoning your pants by the end of the meal. The wait on the weekends can get up to two hours, so your best bet is to get on the waitlist through yelp to beat the lines.


Blue Door Farm Stand

Location: Lincoln Park

inside blue door farm stand restaurant in Chicago

While Blue Door Farm Stand is open for both lunch and dinner, it’s hard to pass up their daily lunch special, offering your choice of half a sandwich and half a salad at a great price. You really can’t beat a place with good food and an even better deal.

Not only will you love any food you order, but you will be obsessed with the decor. The entire space has an upscale rustic vibe, that couldn’t get any cuter. Whether you’re looking to take your parents out while they’re in town, or for your next girls day out spot, Blue Door never disappoints.

Chi-Town Sandwich Club

Location: Lakeview

On those days where a fast-casual lunch is a necessity, the Chi-town Sandwich Club is where you’ll want to find yourself. It’s definitely not a spot that gets its high praise from its looks or freaky fast service, but they make up for all of that with a good quality sandwich.

Whenever you start feeling the post-thanksgiving blues, just craving a taste of that special holiday again, the Macy’s Parade sandwich will be waiting for you here to fill the void.


Gilt Bar

Location: River North

photo booth strips hanging on the wall at The Library under the Guilt Bar in Chicago

Take yourself back to the 1920s when you step into this Gatsby era, art deco style eatery. Here you’ll find a diverse menu, and an expansive list of cocktails and wine, to kick off any night in the right direction.

Every good dinner needs a little nightcap, so don’t just go home after you pay the bill, ask to get your name put on the list for the speakeasy, The Library, downstairs and a hostess will escort you passed the wall of photo booth photos and through a secret door. Do yourself a favor and order the Bees Knees, and you’ll be feeling like a real flapper girl in the making.


Location: Lincoln Park

sushi from Kameya in Chicago North Loop

Once again we have a small hidden gem with this ramen and sushi restaurant. The intimate spot only holds about 5 tables total, and you might be seated close enough to hear your neighbor’s conversations, but man do they know how to serve up some ramen and sushi.

Make sure to call ahead to make a reservation since seating is limited, and then just walk right in and begin enjoying the amazing options they have to offer. You have to start out with the Gyoza, a pork and chicken stuffed Chinese dumpling, paired with a spicy dipping sauce that’s to die for.



Location: Multiple Locations

a slice of Giordano’s in Chicago

We obviously couldn’t have a “best of Chicago” list without at least one deep dish spot making an appearance, right?

There’s an endless debate out there on which deep dish is really the best, but let’s end this debate right now, Giordano’s is the best. Between the cornmeal crust and the perfect cheese texture, it really is the superior deep dish, no matter what anyone else has to say.


Location: Lincoln Park

cocktail and menu from Homeslice in Chicago

Sometimes you don’t want the heaviness that comes with a deep-dish pie, and on those nights, it’s time to head to Homeslice. This insta-worthy restaurant, full of twinkling lights, quirky cocktails, and unique thin-crust pizzas will transport you into the hippest campsite themed restaurant where no tents or sleeping outside is required. If you can’t make it to Lincoln Park, no worries, they have three sister restaurants, Happy Camper in Wicker Park and Lakeview, and Happy Camper in Old Town, that are equally as trendy.

No pizza has a traditional name, so you might find yourself letting out a laugh or two as you read through the list of pizza titles. If you’re a pro pineapple on pizza kind of person, then the alo-hot needs to be on your order, that and the jalapeno homies.

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