Visit any food blog or book store and you’ll be overwhelmed by the array of scrumptious recipes accompanied by wonderful photography!

Sticky stacks of pancakes drizzled with rich syrup on a clean plate just calling your name to pull up a chair – you know the shots. Sometimes the photography takes center stage, with the recipes taking a secondary role.

Pumpkin Pancakes by Russel van Kraayenburg at

You’ve heard me gush in the past over my favorite food photography ebooks by Taylor Mathis, a professional food photographer, titled Photographing FOOD.

On his blog, Taylor Takes a Taste, you can find  several  food photography tutorials tips and tricks, and now he is offering a downloadable PDFs exploring the world of food photography, photographing FOOD…. and what I love about it is, he has broken each issue into just one topic related to food photography.  As of now, he currently has 6 issues, and I think he has plans for many more!

LEARN and IMPROVE your food photography

For those of you who are interested in food photography, check out any or all of the issues.

photographing FOOD Issue 1
Taylor teaches you about Window Lighting in this downloadable PDF that is formatted to read beautifully on your computer, ipad or iphone. You can click here to read my post about photographing Food issue 1,  it was the best $5 I’ve spent in a long time!

photographing FOOD Issue 2
Taylor  talks about  Color & Camera, a full color 34 page downloadable PDF available for $5. If you enjoyed issue 1, you will love issue 2!  Read my post about photographing FOOD Issue 2. 

photographing FOOD Issue 3
Taylor walks you through how to make beautiful pictures of your food once the sun has gone downPhotographing FOOD Issue 3 is a full color 33 page downloadable PDF available for $5. 

photographing FOOD Issue 4
Taylor will show you how to create delicious looking images before the food is plated. Photographing FOOD Issue 4 is a full color 40 page downloadable PDF available for $5. 

photographing FOOD Issue 5
this issue is all about “After The Shot!” The first 4 issues were designed to help you with your lighting, propping, styling, and the technical sides of food photography. In Issue 5 Taylor will show you how to take these images you have made and make them even better! Through post processing, cropping, and adding text you can bring out the full potential in your food images!  This 35 page color downloadable PDF can be yours for only $5!

photographing FOOD Issue 6
Hitting the road and shooting outdoors this summer? Issue 6 has everything you need to know to take beautiful pictures of your food outdoors! Inside this 38 page full color downloadable PDF, you will learn about taking pictures at farmers’ markets, restaurants, picnics, your backyard, and much much more! From hobbyist to professional, there is something that every photographer can take away from this issue. For only $5 you can take your food photography outdoors and on location!

photographing FOOD e-book series.  Issue 1-6 just $5 each

 All issues can be found and purchased at

I would LOVE to hear if you have purchased any of the issues and what you thought!

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