I bought puppy treats for Cullen but I was worried about them going stale in the box and I would forget to give them to him because they were hidden in the pantry.

Recently I have seen what a lot of other creative bloggers have been doing with their jars, so
I’ve been saving our spaghetti sauce jars.

This project was SOOOO simple.

I painted the lid black, then sealed with 2 coats of Mod Podge.

Next I put alpha stickers on the jar to spell out “dog treats”
– you could also make a really cute label and put on the jar – but I had the stickers so I just used them.

Last, I hot glued some cute ribbon on the jar and filled with puppy treats!!

How easy was THAT?

Cullen LOVES treats when we’re blogging!

Just think of all the possibilities! This is such a wonderful way to repurpose all of the jars I would normally just throw away! ~ It WORKS for Me!

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