Deck your walls this holiday season!  Create a Christmas Gallery Wall that’s not only easy to make, thanks to Mod Podge, but it wont break the bank either!

Make a #Christmas Gallery Wall at with Kellie Tate

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Hello TidyMom fans!   I’m Kellie from Nest of Posies back again to share some fun seasonal craft ideas for you to do in your home!  Have you started Decking your Halls?  To be honest, I couldn’t wait to get started.  My house was a complete mess this weekend with boxes of Christmas everywhere, craft projects underway & lots of leftover eating!  But that’s what makes it all fun, is the process of it all.


I’ve partnered with Mod Podge to create this Christmas Gallery Wall & I couldn’t believe how easy & cost friendly this entire project ended up being.  I am a huge fan of Mod Podge!  With your imagination there’s endless possibilities big or small!

 Mod Podge sent me a lovely box of products below to help create the entire wall, but outside of these products the entire cost for my Gallery Wall was around $20 dollars.  I’m a big believer in creating crafts or decor items that I’ll use over & over in my home.  So a small investment of $20 was worth it to me to be able to put up a Christmas Gallery Wall for years to come!

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You can do so many things with Mod Podge!  But over the holidays many people use it as a glue factor for all the glorious fabulous glitter effects you can do on so many items!

How to make Glittered Chevron Canvas:

1.  The first picture was my basic supplies I used for this wall.  Blank canvases, doilies, Folk Art Paint & round cardboard circles that are actually cardboard cake rounds that you can purchase in packs of 3 in many sizes!  They’re cheap & paint friendly & somewhat resemble a dish when hung on a wall.  My Mod Podge of choice for my Gallery Wall was the Sparkle Mod Podge ~ oh the possibilities!

2.  I did use my Silhouette machine to cut a stencil for my chevron & I applied the Mod Podge Sparkle to all the exposed areas.

3.  Sprinkle glitter over the Mod Podge area (don’t forget to place cardboard or an empty box underneath to catch all the glitter!)  Shake off the excess glitter & carefully remove the stencil & allow to dry overnight!  Yep, it’s that easy!  I also used the same method of applying Mod Podge & glitter to the PEACE sign hanging in my Gallery Wall.

Have you ever used Mod Podge to transfer an image to a canvas before?  It’s easy as can be!

 How to transfer an image to canvas:

1.  Use the rolling sponge applicator filled with Mod Podge. 

2.  Use any image – just print it out on a regular sheet of photocopy paper. (click to download free reindeer image)

3.  I used the Sparkle Mod Podge to make my deer have a shiny holiday effect.

4.  Helpful tip:   I learned that having a piece of wood to tuck behind your canvas (in the center of the canvas frame) really helps when applying Mod Podge & the wood allows you to have a harder surface so that the wrinkles will come out when applying Mod Podge.)  You can see more of my canvas Mod Podge projects here.  I used my wood trick for applying Mod Podge to those canvases as well.

5.  First, you will want to cover your canvas in Mod Podge , and place your image directly on top of the Mod Podge.   Next, apply another coat of Mod Podge with the roller sponge applicator over the image and  allow to dry 24 hours.  I highly recommend only one coat of Mod Podge on top of image.   Just let it be & the drying process will probably fix any small wrinkles you may have.

Make a #Christmas Gallery Wall at with

I purchased the wooden lettering, “25” & the peace sign from my local craft store using coupons, so the cost remained really low.  I applied 2 coats of Folk Art craft paint to cover all the wooden pieces  along with the cardboard cake rounds & of course glitter for the peace sign using Mod Podge.  The ornaments are all from the dollar bins & the trim around the frames & cake rounds are just scraps I had around the house.

Make a #Christmas Gallery Wall at with


Here’s the hub of our home in all it’s Holiday decor.  I have 3 young kids, so this is where everything occurs for them.  Meals, crafts, painting projects – you name it!  It’s one of the happiest but messiest rooms in our home.  Click to see how my breakfast room looks throughout the year, or to see how I made the Chevron Curtain.   Thanks for having me over & allowing me to share one of my favorite craft/decor supplies with all of you!  

Happy Holidays!

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Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Plaid and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.