Today Amy from Mod Podge Rocks  is sharing a great Mod Podge project to help keep the outdoors looking pretty while we deal with pesky insects.  No more boring metal bucket candles!  She’s going to show us how to decorate an outdoor candle and make it to chic!  I’m letting her take the reins here on TidyMom while we’re moving and settling in to our new house!


help keep the outdoors looking pretty while you deal with pesky insects.  DIY Mod Podge outdoor candle with Amy Anderston of ModPodgeRocks at

Hello! I’m Amy from Mod Podge Rocks – and a new blog called Washi Tape Crafts. So I’m guessing you have figured out that I love Mod Podge and washi tape. But who doesn’t . . . right? I’m thrilled to be here today on TidyMom. I have known Cheryl for years and her blog has always been fantastic. And her readers! I’m here to share a Mod Podge project with you today.

I live in the south and the bugs are bad. Being from Seattle, I never expected that when I moved to Atlanta. To sit outside, I need citronella candles so that the bugs don’t eat me. And while they work great, they aren’t the best looking for a porch. I’m a crafter . . . I can’t have bare metal just laying around! So I prettied up a citronella candle container very easily with fabric and Outdoor Mod Podge.

Decorate an Outdoor Candle

Gather These Supplies



Your first step is to choose fabrics that coordinate. They don’t need to be the same colors – but they need to look great together! This project is great for scraps. Cut them up into squares.


Use your Outdoor Mod Podge to start applying the fabric squares to the outside of the container. It doesn’t matter where you start – just make sure they overlap and it looks random.


Trim your fabric around the edges and the handle using the scissors and then paint down with Mod Podge. Continue until the entire candle is covered. Let dry and then give two more coats (let dry between coats).


Finish by attaching the flowers with Outdoor Mod Podge and then the button. You can seal the flowers with the Outdoor Mod Podge to keep them safe from the elements.


Now your candles can sit on your porch with pride. No more boring metal! This project doesn’t take long and guess what: even the kids can help.

Thanks to Cheryl and her wonderful audience for having me.



Amy Anderson lives in Atlanta and is carrying on her family tradition of craftiness. She is  a blogger by day and a pug wrangler by night who loves the color blue and sock monkeys. You can find Amy in public easily— she’s the one wearing glasses and lots of stripes.

You can find Amy at Mod Podge Rocks or Washi Tape Crafts, and of course,  on Pinterest too. Who isn’t? See you soon!