Do you have any garden tools that have seen better days?  Make a beautiful Garden Hose Wreath!

garden hose wreath at

If you have some old garden tools you’re about to throw out……..STOP! don’t throw them out!

My clever and creative friend Cathy of Cobblestone Farms is showing us how to make the most adorable Garden Hose wreath out of old garden tools you are no longer using.

What you will need to make a Garden Hose Wreath

  • Old garden hose
  • some type of discarded tool
  • a few flowers
  • a small bucket
  • anything nature related for an added touch like a bird nest, twigs, gloves, a small sign, (whatever you can imagine)
  • wire
  • wire cutters
  • Styrofoam 
  • a little bit of moss


Head over to Cobblestone Cottage for Cathy’s direction on how you can make your own Garden Hose Wreath

I’m telling you, Cathy could REALLY give Martha a run for her money!!