Lysol scrubber sponge with TidyMom Keeping a clean home has always been a priority for me, but over the years I’ve had a rocky relationship with a certain household cleaning tool……..the sponge.   I’ve always tried to make our relationship work; we’ve been on again, off again over the years, but mostly off, because they just don’t hold up their end of the relationship. I had yet to meet a sponge that didn’t turn smelly and fall apart after a few days and I was the one doing all the work. A smelly sponge = bacteria The kitchen sponge is the #1 source for germs in the house. YUCK! Recently I allowed a sponge back into my life. Not just any sponge this time, but a sponge with a nice pedigree. Lysol scrubber sponge challenge I was given the opportunity to take the Lysol Scrubber Sponge Challenge. This sponge won my heart.  Not only is it strong and handsome, but it never turns smelly!   Head over to the Lysol Scrubber Sponge Challenge siteto read my love story and make sure you take the challenge for a chance to win a $10,000 KITCHEN MAKEOVER! SWEET! Try the Lysol sponge

Do you use sponges?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new sponge!

  Disclosure: Lysol sponsored me to take the Lysol Scrubber Sponge Challenge.  All views and opinions are my own.