Keeping the wood furniture in your home looking clean is easier than you think!

Every few months I do the following to my wood furniture:

  1. Wipe down the furniture surface with a VERY damp cloth (I use a spray bottle with a touch of vinegar and spray a cloth diaper) and wipe over  with a dry cotton cloth.
  2. Use a paste wax, such as SC Johnson® Paste Wax, and apply in a circular pattern, using a soft cotton cloth.  *Choose a paste wax that has a high carnauba content, a natural substance that acts as a wood protectant and won’t degrade the finish.
  3. Leave wax on for a few minutes.  Remove with a dry cotton cloth, using long strokes in the direction of the wood grain.  When the cloth slides rather than drags, your job in done!

For weekly dusting

Products such as Pledge® in the yellow can is perfect for quickly cleaning your wood furniture and wood surfaces. Its Anti-Dust™ formula keeps surfaces looking less dusty, longer. It removes dust, dirt, smudges, and common allergens like pet dander found in dust from your wood furniture in a flash. Plus, it protects against water damage and stains. Dusting with Pledge® leaves surfaces with no waxy buildup.

I was recently sent a yellow can of Pledge to try on OTHER surface in my home, such as stainless steel , granite/marble, leather and of course, wood furniture and cabinets.

I have to say I LOVE what this amazing yellow can did to my kitchen!!

My husband makes toast every single morning…….so my stainless steel toaster stays out on my counter and it always the thorn in my side.  One swipe of my cloth and Pledge, and all finger prints and smudges were GONE!!  I used it to wipe down all of my appliances, cabinets, table and counters even the window sills!

I love how one product worked on every surface! and the lemony smell of my yellow can of Pledge made my whole kitchen smell fresh and clean!!  I had NO idea that yellow can could do all of that!! This is a big plus during the holidays as we spend so much time cooking and cleaning and cooking and…well you get the idea, and you all KNOW I like to simplify!

………now off, to do the rest of the house……or maybe I can find someone to do it for me! ha!  Then I’m taking it out to my Jeep….it also works on dashboards (vinyl) and car seats (leather or vinyl)! Who knew?!

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post through my relationship with the One2One Network in partnership with Pledge, but the opinions are my own.