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If you were around for the holidays, you may remember my Holiday Wish List, and how I said I thought a Henckels Chef’s Knife could possibly change my life.

Well fortunately for me, Santa came thru and I was right! My new knife has changed my life in the kitchen!!

I have never owned a good knife, so considering that a good chef’s knife is probably the single most important and useful tool in a kitchen, it’s no wonder it’s made such an impact on me!

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t know much about knives but I do know I’m in LOVE with the 8″ Henckels Chef’s Knife I’m now using and I’m blown away at the difference a good knife can make.

I wish I could make sure you ALL had a good knife in your kitchen……….but I can make sure ONE of you has one!

I’m going to send a Henckels 8″ Chef knife (similar to the one I have) to one lucky TidyMom reader!

Henckels 8" Chef knife

UPDATE:  Giveaway has ended.  Congrats to comment #76 Judy

Win it!

One lucky TidyMom reader will receive a Zwilling JA Henckels TWIN Pro-S 8″ Chef’s Knife (list price $152.00)

How to enter

No hoops to jump thru……. just leave me a comment on this post letting me know if you own a good knife or not, and if you do, tell me about your favorite knife!  (if you are reading this post via email, you must leave a comment on the blog post to enter)

Official Rules: No purchase necessary. Open to residents of US and Canada . Must be over 18. Giveaway will end on February  16, 2012 at 5:00 pm CST. One winner with a valid entry will be selected at random using   Winner will be notified by email and  will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be selected. TidyMom, is not responsible for lost or undelivered emails.

*Disclaimer:  Henckles did not sponsor this post, I’m providing the giveaway out of my own pocket because I just love my knife that much!


TidyMom I'm Lovin' ItI’m Lovin’……my Henckels 8″ Chef’s Knife

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  1. I love a good knife…unfortunately, I don’t have a great one right now, this would be perfect!

  2. The best knife I have ever owned is a Top Chef Knife

  3. I have a set of nice knives but I don’t have a chef knife and have wanted one forever! Pick me! Pick me!

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  5. I do not own a “good” knife but would love to.

  6. We have two henkels…but not this chef knife. Would make a wonderful addition

  7. I do not own a good knife, this has been on my wish list but some lecreuset and baby #3 won out first! P.S. my husband would probably love this more than me even though I am the one who cooks primarily!

  8. My husband and I were just talking about how pathetic our knives are! We just don’t have any decent knives and would LOVE to win this one!

  9. Each Christmas I’ve been getting a knife — santoku, large chef’s, small paring — I would love this size of chef’s knife!!

  10. I’d definitely love to win this knife! A good knife is imperative in a working kitchen! My favorite knife at the time is a big Tramontina. My second favorite is my wee little paring knife from a little Amish store in Bart, Pennsylvania.

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  12. We looked at some great knives before Christmas, but with four of our give children in braces 🙂 the knives will have to wait.

  13. I have never owned a good knife either…I just use the knife set we got as a wedding gift 15 years ago! I would love to win this chef’s knife!

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  15. HI!

    Believe it or not I do not own a really good knife. I’ve always gone to Target or W-mart and bought a block of knives. But after spending some time in my daughter-in-laws kitchen using her Henckles set I’ve really come to love these knives. The wait and balance of them made chopping and dicing so much easier and quite frankly even more fun. I would love to have just one of my own Henckles to use in my home.

    Thank you for running such a wonderful contest. 8D

  16. I have a henckels serrated knife that I love for slicing tomatoes. I bet the chef’s knife it to die for. 🙂

  17. I have been loving my 8″ ceramic knife, but just chipped it last week!

  18. I have a set of knives that my mom got me at a garage sale sooo….probably not the best. 😛

  19. Last Knife I bought was over 30 years ago. I could really use this one!

  20. I do not own a good knife but I have always wanted a Henckels knife

  21. I only wish I owned a good knife. It would be awesome to win one.

  22. I have decent knives but no seriously favorite ones. I have been looking to buy a couple nice ones so this is perfect timing!

  23. I own Big Lots specials so no, I do not own a good knife. I really need to win this one. My current ones can’t even cut through a watermelon and that is just a darn shame.

  24. Love my Victorinox Forschner 8″ Chef’s Knife. A good chopping knife in the kitchen is essential!

  25. I have a heard a good knife makes all the difference but I have never had one. I would love to use one and see.

  26. The hubby and I own a set from Chicago Cutlery and we love them. Great price and they cut great. Would like to get a set of real nice chef knives though.

  27. Please pick me! I am using the same dull knives I received as a wedding gift 10 years ago!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Would love, love, love to own a good knife. Finally got some good cookware, now it’s time to update the knives. 🙂

  29. I don’t own a good knife right now, but am in the market for one. It would make me improve my knife skills!

  30. A good knife saves many kitchen injuries. I would love this Henckels chef knife.

  31. A good knife? I’m not even sure what that is!! But I hope I can find out! Mine are about the same as my butter knives, only with a pointed end.

  32. I own one awesome knife at the moment. It’s a Guy Fieri knife the lil’ guy. I could definitely use a larger knife!

  33. I own a Henckles Knife (although I doubt this nice!), and it is my favorite!! We had an older one, and it got to the point it wouldn’t sharpen anymore, so we got another one for Christmas one year. It is the only knife we use, so it would be great to have another one so we’re not constantly washing it during dinner prep!!

  34. I do have some good knives, but I am not in love with them. If I win, I am
    surely to fall in love like you did.

  35. I have one or two decent knives, but would love to have one of these! 🙂

  36. I thought I had a GREAT knife. My pampered chef knife, that had a sharpening sleeve. Well. Then I got a Better Homes and Garden knife…and I sliced my hand open. I wasn’t prepared for the sharpness of it. Now I am not even sure what I would do with a GREAT knife! LOL! I need something to help with chicken bones AND slice tomatoes 🙂 5 Children and ONE mom 🙂

  37. I definitely need a good knife! This would be great!!

  38. My parents got a set of JA Henckels knives as a wedding gift 23 years ago and they still work wonder. I am now at the stage of building my kitchen inventory before moving to my first apartment and I know I will not regret buying quality knives of my own.

  39. Would love to be the proud owner of one of those knifes! 🙂

  40. I have an OK knife. Part of an set from Sam’s we got for our wedding almost 3 years ago. The 5″ was my favorite for a year and a half, but then I discovered the 7″! LOVE IT! It also loves my fingers (not so great). I’m very slowly looking into upgrading. I could use a little ‘world change’!

  41. I would love to win a new knife. The last nice ones I had were a wedding gift 27 years ago. I could definitely put that to good use with all the cooking I do!

  42. I absolutely love to cook, and I am in desperated need of a good knife! I have knives, I just have to keep sharpening, so that they work well enough. My 4 year old son cooks with me alot, and I have been teaching him how to dice (safely) and he has taken quite the interest in cooking as well, as you can see on my blog. I would love to have this knife to properly teach him good techniques! Pick us, Pick us!!

  43. I do not have a decent knife and never had had one – sad considering I have been married 43 years!!

  44. I have one good knife that I just bought through Pampered Chef. Other than that, the rest of my knives are dull and bent…lol.

  45. I have a suduko from Walmart. It is not a high quality knife but is such an improvment over what I used to have. I love it and use it to cut most everything.

  46. Just use paring knifes right now. It would be awesome to have a knife like this.

  47. No one should skimp on price of a few good knives! Very important.
    U don’t neccesarily need a full set. But a good chef knife, parer & I have a good boning knife.
    I have Henkels steak knives. They r amazing! 🙂

  48. I am a HUGE cook in the kitchen at home, and depserately need a chef knife! I think it would do me wonders in the kitchen not to mention I would use it on a daily basis! Thank you so much for having this contest!

  49. Most of my knives are from over 40 years and not really great ones. Would love to win one,thanks for the chance!

  50. If good means no rust then yes 😉

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