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If you were around for the holidays, you may remember my Holiday Wish List, and how I said I thought a Henckels Chef’s Knife could possibly change my life.

Well fortunately for me, Santa came thru and I was right! My new knife has changed my life in the kitchen!!

I have never owned a good knife, so considering that a good chef’s knife is probably the single most important and useful tool in a kitchen, it’s no wonder it’s made such an impact on me!

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t know much about knives but I do know I’m in LOVE with the 8″ Henckels Chef’s Knife I’m now using and I’m blown away at the difference a good knife can make.

I wish I could make sure you ALL had a good knife in your kitchen……….but I can make sure ONE of you has one!

I’m going to send a Henckels 8″ Chef knife (similar to the one I have) to one lucky TidyMom reader!

Henckels 8" Chef knife

UPDATE:  Giveaway has ended.  Congrats to comment #76 Judy

Win it!

One lucky TidyMom reader will receive a Zwilling JA Henckels TWIN Pro-S 8″ Chef’s Knife (list price $152.00)

How to enter

No hoops to jump thru……. just leave me a comment on this post letting me know if you own a good knife or not, and if you do, tell me about your favorite knife!  (if you are reading this post via email, you must leave a comment on the blog post to enter)

Official Rules: No purchase necessary. Open to residents of US and Canada . Must be over 18. Giveaway will end on February  16, 2012 at 5:00 pm CST. One winner with a valid entry will be selected at random using   Winner will be notified by email and  will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be selected. TidyMom, is not responsible for lost or undelivered emails.

*Disclaimer:  Henckles did not sponsor this post, I’m providing the giveaway out of my own pocket because I just love my knife that much!


TidyMom I'm Lovin' ItI’m Lovin’……my Henckels 8″ Chef’s Knife

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  1. No we dont have any good knives. We have 2 sets but they suck. Our main set is a set off of an infomercial. LOL.

  2. Oh I love my henckels, in college the first day they were set up with whole sets of all the best henckels and you bought what you needed. I loved them , but Hubby likes the lighter knives, so I miss my nice ones.

  3. I would love this knife. A good knife is hard to find.

  4. I don’t own a good knife , but would love to!

  5. I don’t own a good knife, but I would **LOVE** to add one to my new kitchen. 🙂 Thanks!!

  6. Good knifes are my most important tool in the kitchen! I <3 Henkels knives.

  7. Hi Cheryl. Thanks for hosting. I own a lot of Global knives – which I love. But I would love a Henckels! You can never have too many knives!!! Thanks for hosting.

  8. I don’t have any good knives. This would be a great addition to my kitchen!

  9. I don’t own one good knife and I love to cook! This would change my world! Would love to win!

  10. My husband loves knives and got me a wonderful Shun Santoku that I use for *everything*.

  11. Actually, new knives are on both my husband and my wish lists. Since we have a small “cottage Kitchen” business with our herbs, we create a lot of different products using our fresh herbs. And when you are chopping volumes of ingredients up at a time, we are finding that cheapo knives are literally not cutting it for us! Thank you for the chance to win this generous giveaway!

  12. I neeeeed a good knife!

  13. i would love to win this knife! i need a good one!

  14. My hubby is afraid to get me a good knife as I am always cutting myself with the ones I have! Ithink a good one would be great though and I won’t tell him if i win!

  15. I own a decent knife (which is more than I can say for some of my family and friends!) but having a really good knife would be awesome!

  16. Unfortunately, I do not own a good knife but I always dream of one day winning the lottery and buying myself a whole lot of good knifes!

  17. I had a decent one, but I don’t have a knife sharpener, so in the drawer it sits. : ( I’d love to have a really GOOD one!

  18. I own a Sabatier carbon steel 8″ chef’s knife I purchased at least 40 years ago, when I worked for the 2nd Crate and Barrel in Wilmette, IL. The wooden handle has seen better days, the knife blade itself has the tip worn off, and the blade is missing some “spaces”…yet it is the sharpest knife in the drawer, and my favorite. It isn’t pretty anymore, but it is the BEST knife of the bunch, so I “hide” it in the back of the drawer so others in the kitchen (my adult son)won’t use it!

  19. I have a good knife and it’s worth it’s weight in gold!

  20. I own a pretty good Santoku (sp???) knife but it needs sharpening SO bad! Thanks for hosting!

  21. Hi Cheryl,
    I do not own a good knife. I have a block set of Farberware that I purchased at Canadian Tire when I first moved in with my hubby. I overheard a lady saying they were crappy, but I was 20 something, newly married and it was a block knife collection, at least I could look like I knew what I was doing, right? I bought the knives for $30.00 and they are still on my kitchen counter. They are crappy (should’ve listened ;)), and they are still there for no good reason at all.

    Thanks for hosting again this week!

  22. Anything serrated…I’m OBSESSED with tomatoes and it is the best way to cut them.

  23. These are the best knives I’ve ever had. I only have a paring knife and one other longer skinny one. Not really sure what that one is supposed to be for, but I use them both a lot. They cut very smooth. I would love love love to have the chef’s knife. Now that’s a knife!!

  24. I would *love* a good knife! I just recently upgraded to a “semi-good” set and I can already tell the difference. I can only imagine how much better a “real” knife would be!

  25. I have one semi-good knife and a bunch of really not good knives. I’d love to have a nice one!

  26. I do have a kitchen aid knife that I really like, but would LOVE to have a Henckel knife like this!

  27. I do not own one good knife 🙁 I have asked for a good set, or even one great bread knife for Christmas every year, but no one thinks a knife is a valid present. They have no idea how much better a great knife would make my life lol.

  28. I have a set of expensive knives–cutco–but they aren’t “good” knives. I have cheap knives I like better. Would love this Henckel!

  29. No knife that I would love to speak of in this home. I hope one day to be able to have a few good knives…..but I am still waiting! 🙂

  30. A year ago Christmas my mom gave me a santoku knife, and it was the first nice knife I’ve ever owned. Having a great, sharp knife totally changed the way I cook. It needs a sharpening rather desperately at this point, but I still love it. (And I’d love to win a chef’s knife!)

    Thanks for hosting!

  31. I don’t have any good knives but I would looove one 🙂

  32. I don’t have good knives:( I would love to win this!

  33. I do not have a “good” knife. I would love a chance to see how a Henckel knife can make all the difference in my kitchen.

    Thank You!

  34. No good knives here, they are so expensive sheesh! I would love a great knife though, my mom never has had any good ones either, no in all my 30 years, its pathetic really:)

  35. I have never owned a good knife! Only 2 dollar store ones at the moment…

    I love to cook, and a good knife is the first thing I would buy if I had the cash!

    Please, pick me!!!


  36. There are no great knives in my kitchen, but they’re definitely on my wish list!

  37. I’ve never known what knife is a good one. I love to cook and am always thinking when I am cutting up things and cooking how much I’d really like a nice set. Some day! 😀 fun stuff, thanks!

  38. I hate to admit this, but right now I use a stainless steel serrated steak knife for all my slicing and chopping. I’ve been married 31 years and have never had a great set. One great knife would be fantastic! I wouldn’t know how to act.

  39. I don’t have any nice knives, but I’d sure like one!

  40. No good knives at my house

  41. When I married my hubby, he brought with him a Henckel bread knife and chef’s knife. I had never used a knife like them before. I no longer use the ones from the block set I sent away for thru my credit union.
    I took a free seminar on proper knife skills and realized that having the skills does no good without a superior quality knife to compliment them.

  42. I have a set of sabatier commercial knives that is (or was) really nice. My hubby brought them into the marriage, but sadly I spent at least 10 years doing a phenomenally bad job sharpening them. May need to go get them professionally done now that I know better…so I can have good knives again!

  43. I finally own some nice knives. I have a Kyocera ceramic chef knife and a Wüsthof stainless chef knife. They make life so much easier!

  44. I do not own one good knife! It is so bad! I have a set that I got 5 years ago in a 40 piece set with other utensils and such…so it wasn’t nice to begin with and 5 years later, its done. I just told my husband the other day that I really need new knives! I would love to win this!

  45. I actually own and love this knife! But would love to win it for my mother-in-law for her bday next week!! She needs a new knife !!

  46. i have some shun knives, my very favorite one is Shun Edo 8″ Chef’s Knife, its the best knife ever.

  47. My “good knife” is a General Electric electric knife – ’nuff said. Life would be much easier with a modern, up-to-date knife.

  48. I have an epicure knife that is good, however would love a henckles chef’s knife. So please pick me.

  49. ugh, I have no good knives…. pick me, desperately need some 😉
    okay well I lied, I love my little $1 pampered chef knife, if you can call it that, little sucker is sharp!!

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