House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

A few weeks ago I was invited to New York City by my friends at Whirlpool, to attend the 2012 House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

Every summer since 2008 House Beautiful and Rockefeller Center have joined forces to build an American dream kitchen with extraordinary and creative people, showing off the best design trends and latest in kitchen appliances, and share it with the public for one week in New York City.

Can you spot me at the press conference? lol

TidyMom at House Beautiful Press Conference

This year, Whirlpool’s new White Ice Collection was showcased in the temporary kitchen designed by Mick De Giulio, “one of the best kitchen designers in America” per House Beautiful’ s editor in chief Newell Turner.

Whirlpool White Ice Collection in 2012 House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Year


While I was there I had the pleasure of not only meeting Whirlpool vice president of design Patrick Schiavone, but spent some one on one time with him as well!

Pat moved to Whirlpool after designing for Ford for two decades!  This man knows how to design sleek and sexy!  He told me that the Whirlpool White Ice Collection was a trend of diversifying from stainless steel appliances as the only mark of luxury.

Mr. Schiavone insists that Whirlpool can turn boxy kitchen machines into objects of desire.  He challenges his 200-member design staff to think outside the icebox!

We had the chance to talk about what I’d like to see in my appliances…….that’s right, Whirlpool VP of design was interested in what I want in a refrigerator!

Have you ever wanted spill control shelves? a fold away shelf? Produce to last longer?  Fast Ice Production?

Whirlpool has thought of all of that!

Whirlpoool Ice Collection

The Whirlpool Ice Collection Features:

  • The new appliance handles were created around how you use them, and provide an inviting experience as effortless
    as “open and close”.
  • A streamlined interface makes controls easy to read and even easier to use. Increased glass areas make keeping an eye on your cooking – effortless.
  • TimeSavor Plus true convection cooking system: Roast up to 30% faster*  The rear fan and third heating element circulate hot air to seal in more flavor and juices.
  • In-Door Ice: Get 30% more freezer space versus previous models. And, the ice bucket tilts out or can be removed with
    one hand and placed on the counter.
  • Now it takes minutes not hours to get a great clean that’s odor-free with AquaLift self-clean technology. Using just a little water and a low-heat temperature, the most energy-efficient cleaning cycle* is done in only 50 minutes.
  • The Sensor cycle automatically selects the right wash and dry settings for your load and cleans tough soils
    35% better while using just the right amount of time, energy and water.
  • PourScour Option: Forty targeted spray jets scour away baked-on foods.  Twice the coverage cleans even your large pots and pans without soaking or scrubbing.

Pat’s goal with the Ice Collection was to achieve a simple but sophisticated European style, by brainstorming ways to dress up white or black boxes with metallic elements, including handles and control panels.

I have to say, I was hard pressed to think of something they haven’t already come up with……..but I’d love to hear if you have any ideas!

What would YOU like to see in your ideal refrigerator?


Disclosure: As you know, all opinions and thoughts shared on the site are my own.  I was not paid to write this post, but do have a working relationship with Whirlpool.  As part of that relationship, I was thrilled to be taken to New York City to see The House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year .