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Have you heard about the new social media app is taking us by storm. In mid January of this year,  Twitter introduced it’s new video app for the iphone, called Vine.  The app lets users “capture and share short (6 seconds) looping videos”. It’s basically a free smart phone app like Instagram, but in video. If you have a Twitter account, it will take just a few minutes to get on Vine.

I know some of us already have too many social media accounts to keep up with as is, but I’m a blogger, love staying connected and finding new ways to share what I’m doing… so I joined.

So now you can see things like…….what a mess I made in my kitchen(see clip below) , products I use and love, what I’m doing in the kitchen, behind the scenes of my photo shoots,  and the occasional clips of my dogs and kids.



You will love it if you enjoy being a part of the newest social media scene or just love playing around with video -Recording is as simple as pressing the screen to turn it off and lifting your finger to stop the recording. That’s it!  The app does it all for you.

Also, just like Instagram, there is a feed that shows peoples’ videos, while you scroll down the feed and pass over a video, it automatically starts playing, and by touching it you can pause it. You can also use hashtags to help people find your video by searching for: pets, food, etc. You can also share your videos on Facebook and Twitter with the press of a button.

check out Vine and come find me!!

Search TidyMom …  I share my Vine videos on Twitter, so if you follow me there you can find me.

How about you?  Are you on Vine yet?  Hope to see you there!

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