Don’t settle for the same-old hot dogs this summer.  Fire up the grill and your tastebuds with Sweet Heat Frank and Beans for a quick unexpected meal they will relish.

Sweet Heat Frank and Beans. Grilled Hot Dogs at

Since this is Memorial Day weekend and you might have a cook out or two in your weekend plans, I thought I’d share a delicious hot dog treat with you.  I know that ketchup, mustard and relish are classics that you can’t go wrong with, but I know how much we love chili dogs, so when Bush’s Beans came out with their Limited Time  Sweet Heat Beans I instantly thought they would be perfect for a summer version of a chili dog……..and Sweet Heat Frank and Beans were born!  Sometimes it’s fun to play with your food a bit, think outside the ketchup bottle and loading our hot dogs up with these sweet red beans and brown sugar with just the right amount of heat was a match made in summer heaven.

There’s rarely a day in the summer when there aren’t hot dogs in our refrigerator and beans in the pantry. They are always a welcome fallback for when I haven’t planned anything for dinner or when we are entertaining and need a little extra meat to throw on the grill. 

Sweet Heat Frank and Beans at

Since hot dogs come fully cooked, they are great for when you need dinner quick.  We simply fired up the grill, and grilled the franks for 5-10 minutes turning occasionally.  After we removed the hot dogs from the grill, we opened up the hot dog buns and placed open side down on the grill to toast.

For the Sweet Heat Beans, you can heat them in a small sauce pan, or if you’re like me,  you might want to just eat them right out of the can!  Serve over the grilled hot dog on a toasted bun and enjoy!!  But hurry, new Sweet Heat is available for a limited time only.

Sweet Heat Franks and Beans grilled up for a quick dinner at

We’ve also been enjoying Bush’s Sweet Heat + jasmine rice + rotisserie chicken = a quick & delicious dinner!

What’s your favorite quick meal for summer?

Looking for a quick summer dessert to go with your Sweet Heat Frank and Beans?

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Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!!  Remember to give gratitude for the servicemen and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and to the current military families for their service.


Disclaimer: I grew up in a house that used  Bush’s Beans. I am now fortunate to have an working relationship with them as a brand ambassador for the last 5 years. As always, all opinions and views are my own.