It’s blowing my mind how late Thanksgiving is this year.  I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time waiting another whole weak to eat Turkey!  Bloggers and pinterest are buzzing with so many mouth watering recipes!!

This week for I’m Lovin’ It I thought I’d share some things on my wish-list, things I’m buying for gifts, and things I’m just loving!

November Favortie Things at

  1. I’ve been obsessed with gold lately.  A few weeks ago I bought some gold vinyl polk-a-dots for my office wall, I haven’t decided how I want to arrange them on the wall yet – but I LOVE  Shelley ‘s gold polka-a-dot accent wall!!  She sells them in her shop too, if you’re interested in getting some!
  2. I think curling my hair with a curling iron or flat iron can be a pain, especially since I have such thick hair.  So I recently bought steam rollers and LOVE them!! I can roll my hair in about ten minutes then let them cool while I put on my make up and get dressed and  viola……..fabulous curls!!  If you want to see how they work, check out this video .  You can buy them at Sally’s Beauty
  3. Both of my girls have been wanting good make-up brushes.  I bought myself one a Sigma brush and love it , so I’m planning to buy them each the The Sigma Beauty Essentials Kit contains twelve professional quality brushes for the face and eyes. 
  4. I love a good soft throw, and this throw from west elm claims to be the Softest Throw!  One for me…….a few for gifts!  
  5. Keep up with my gold theme, and coffee mug addiction, I’m asking Santa for a Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug from Anthropology this year!
  6. As part of Heather’s birthday present last week, we gave her and her sister tickets to see Justin Timberlake here in St. Louis on his 20/20 Tour.  They said it was the BEST concert ever! and I was kicking myself for not going —LOVE me some JT!  So when I found out he would be in Kansas City in July, Kristen said she would love to go and Heather want’s to go again…….so we snagged some VIP tickets!! I. CAN’T. WAIT!  My girls brought home some video for me to see…..he has a stage that is clear and comes up and goes all the way to the back of the audience!  It was SO cool!
  7. I want a Stendig calendar for my office.
  8. My husband is off work this week, deer hunting season opened……..and guess who is the only one to get a deer this week?!  That’s right!! This guy arrived at our door today and I can’t wait to find a perfect spot for my white stag head!  Yeah, Steve is jealous…….especially since I made him hang his deer mounts in the basement when we moved! lol  I was thrilled when Kellie sent me the link to buy him at Target after I had been eyeing up hers she bought last year.   

Butternut Squash + Gold Wreath

      9.   Did you see the  Maple Braised Butternut Squash I made last week?  it’s SO easy and would be wonderful for Thanksgiving dinner!

      10. I also got crafty and made this Gold Tinsel Wreath in under 15 minutes with just a few supplies and no glue!  

My Wednesday nights have been devoted to Nashville!  I just love the 2 real life sisters on the show, and I just had to download this song of their from itunes.


The average Thanksgiving meal takes 18 hours to prepare, 4 hours to clean up and only
 12 minutes to consume.  Isn’t that crazy?

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Nov 28, 2011 to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family


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