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I promise this will be the last post on my new office space for a while!

Earlier this week I showed you how I finished painting my new office and my desks. I had fun decorating one desk with some of the goodies have have bought for the room.
Problem was, I couldn’t keep the desk like this (picture above).

I needed to actually USE the office as………get this….. an OFFICE! LOL

The Bug Man has his own pest control business, hence the nick name. So this office needs to be set up for his business needs as well as my blogging.

I still don’t have anything on the walls, but here’s how it looks with the computers moved in.
The computer on the right is ancient, but I do all of his company bookkeeping on it, with old programs that can’t be moved over to the newer computer – so some day, when I splurge on a new program, I can eliminate that old computer.

I’m also on the lookout for a small table to put my new Lexmark wireless printer on, instead of the little folding table.

office at
From this angle, you can see I still need to do something with the window – I’m thinking maybe burlap drapes?! I want to paint that little birdhouse sitting on the floor – maybe red? Fill the bookcase with goodies and supplies, I’d like to add a wreath or something to the closet door.

office at

Take a look inside the closet (no I didn’t bother to paint the inside of the door) – I was able to put all of my ugly office supplies, file cabinets etc inside behind closed doors!! I was SO excited they fit!!

office closet at

On this blank wall, I would like to find a great hutch. Not sure what color I will paint it yet, I’d like to do something other than white. I’m going to try some red accents, but I think a red hutch might be a bit too much – maybe yellow?

I’m also going to Modge Podge all of the switch plate covers as soon as I find the perfect paper.

office windsor chair

Here are some of the goodies I have collected for the space. Most of it I have purchased at Good Will, resale shops or garage sales. This lantern was new from KMart, the little bird nest inside was from a fellow blogger Valarie.

office decor lantern scroll
The sign was new, from Jo-Ann’s

office sign

This little silver dish I picked up at GW for $1 – I thought it was perfect for paperclips! The keys and turquoise bird are from The Bug Store, in Kirkwood, MO

office silver bowl

The crown and bust are from The White Rabbit, in St. Louis, MO. You can read about my visit to The White Rabbit

office decor crown and bust at
See how I made the burlap bulletin board, and you can about how I made the cheap wall art with the picture frame. The glass bottle with flowers were in clearance at Michaels.

office bulletin board at

office books

Here’s a quick reminder of what my office looked like BEFOREwhen it was in the room downstairs

office before
and this is the BEFORE of the room I moved the office into

office before paint

Thanks for visiting!

If you have any suggestions, I’d LOVE to hear them!!