I’m a lucky Mom! Look at my two beautiful daughters! I took this picture of them over the weekend. I’m framing this one!

Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’m the mom to a 21 (almost 22) year old and 13 year old.

Allison started her first day of 8th grade this morning. (still a little dark out when she left)

I SO can NOT believe she will be in high school next year

Allison first day of 8th grade

After taking her picture in the front yard, just as we did last year (click here to see) and all the years before, I walked back into the house and noticed something I’ve had hanging on our refrigerator for years. I thought today would be a good day to share these rules with my readers.

Rules for Living with a TEENAGE Daughter

1) Never engage in a shouting match with your daughter. If she screams, bite your tongue, lower your voice and say anything you feel compelled to say in a voice only slightly above a whisper. If you can’t manage that, tell her quietly that your will discuss the subject with her when you are calmer.

2) Never let her reduce your to tears. When she gets out of hand, send her to her room, deprive her of a privilege, but don’t let her defeat you.

3) Let her know you love her. Tell her the next time she rages at you that there is nothing she can say that will cause you to stop loving her. You may not like her behavior, but she is your daughter and you are committed to loving her, so let her know she might as well stop trying to alienate you. (There will be times when you can’t stand her, but remember, you’re probably not lovable all the time either.)

4) Touch her a lot. This is important! When she’s glued to the TV and you pass by her chair, reach out and pat her. Give her lots of hugs and don’t be put off by her groans or pulling away.

5) Try not to criticize too often. Suggest if you must, but don’t be on her back about every little thing. Save your “nos” and “don’ts” for biggies, and MAKE THEM STICK.

6) Listen to HER. No matter what she says, all she wants is for your to love her.


I don’t remember where I found this list, but I put it up years ago, and even though I don’t follow it 24/7, I often stop and read it, and remind myself to “breath”……they’re not teens for ever!

So I will go pick Allison up from her first day of 8th grade, hear all about “who wore what”, what her teachers are like, and who she has classes with (and who she doesn’t).

Basketball tryout start Wednesday!

Good-bye Summer!

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