September Decorate Your Desktop & Devices


It’s a new month and time to decorate your desktop and devices with a new desktop wallpaper for September.  You know how much I like to change my computer desktop and iphone backgrounds to a fun desktop wallpaper every month.   I’m sticking with the  popular chalkboard theme for the entire year.

As we embark on the official (or is it unofficial?) month for “Back to School” I thought it would be a helpful reminder to have this quote on all my devices “Dreams don’t work unless YOU Do” for my September background.   You can download free for your computer, iphone and ipad .

DREAMS don't work unless YOU DO.  Free  Background Wallpaper for your desktop, iphone or ipad.  Download at

It’s easy to think successful people dreamed big and success found them.  But, what’s not talked about as often, is the countless hours, days, months, years of work put in to their dreams. Before you can be big, you need to be a dreamer. But remember, it’s hard-working dreamers who make their dreams a reality.

I’ve made these wallpapers in 2 sizes that should fit most computer monitors, as well as a size for the iphone and ipad.

I’ve been making a new desktop wallpaper each month this year, to share with all of you.  They are not calendar wallpapers, but I like to change by backgrounds monthly.

The nice thing is, you should be able to use these free wallpapers again next year, if you’d like

DREAMS don't work unless YOU DO.  Free  Background Wallpaper for your desktop, iphone or ipad.  Download at

TidyMom desktop wallpaper is for personal use only. No commercial use or redistribution.

*I love it when you share, just please link back here for the download.

Download 1024 x 768 (most regular sized monitors)

Download 1280 x 800 (for most wide screen monitors)

Download 320 x 480 (for iphone)

Download 1024 x 1024 (for ipad)

 Need help loading you desktop wallpaper to your device?  Click here to learn how.

Missed a month?  click the image below to get to the whole chalkboard wallpaper collection.

FREE Chalkboard Desktop Wallpaper for computer, iphone and ipad each month at TidyMom

I would love to hear about how you put in the work to make a dream come true!