Every month I like to change my computer desktop and iphone backgrounds to a fun desktop wallpaper.   I decided to continue with the popular chalkboard theme like I did last month.  I made a Love is All You Need February Wallpaper for my devices and share it as a free download for TidyMom readers.  Enjoy!

February Blackboard Background

Last month when I posted the Happy New Year Wallpaper I made, I got a lot of sweet comments and emails asking if I would do more.  So I’m going to give it a try.

Chalkboard look it all the rage right now and I thought it would be fun to keep going with that theme for the free background for my computer, iphone and ipad!  I made them in 2 sizes that should fit most computer monitors, as well as a size for the iphone and ipad.

I will try make a new one each month to share with all of you.  They are not calendar wallpapers, but I like to change mine monthly.  So I will try to stick to something that goes with that month.

The nice thing is, you should be able to use these free wallpapers again next year, if you’d like. 

LOVE Chalkboard Background  for computer, iPhone and iPad at TidyMom.net

 TidyMom desktop wallpaper is for personal use only. No commercial use or redistribution. 

*I love it when you share, just please link back here for the download.

Download 1024 x 768 (most regular sized monitors)

Download 1280 x 800 (for most wide screen monitors)

Download 320 x 480 (for iphone)

Download 1024 x 1024 (for ipad)


How to set an image as your background wallpaper

Click to download the image size that best fits your monitor or device.

To set as your computer wallpaper

How to set wallpaper to computer

To save the image, so you can use it again;  If you use Windows, find the image that you just downloaded on your computer and right click that image. A box will pop up and click Set as Desktop Background.

(I usually don’t bother to save it, just open the image and set as desktop image -quick and easiest)

how to set wallpaper background

If you use a Mac you do the same thing; when you right click on the image you saved, a box will pop up and you’ll want to click Set Desktop Picture.

click here for iphone/ipad instructions on how to set a picture as wallpaper.

That’s it! Easy Peasy!


Do you like to change your wallpaper every month?