These festive Easter cut-out cookies with royal icing are perfect for Spring! They make a beautiful addition to any Easter celebration.


This week I am loving the Easter Cut-Out cookies I made!



I used my Butter Cookie recipe and decorated with Royal Icing and sprinkles.

I owe some BIG thanks to Bridget for all of her wonderful tips on Royal Icing!…..
if you’ve never decorated cookies with royal icing, or would just like some tips from a pro…..Bridget has a few fantastic posts …..

Royal Icing 101 and Royal Icing 102

See that cute green egg with the yellow hearts?

Learned how to do that snazy trick from Sweetopia here

you’ll never guess how easy that was!


March 31, 2010 (90/365)

and I think these little chickies are my favorites!!

UPDATE:  I have a video on how to easily roll out cookie dough you can check out


I’m not very steady with my piping …….but check out my Easter cookies from last year!

This was my first attempt at royal icing……not bad, but I think I’ve improved some!


Over the weekend I got together with a few friends to show them how easy it is to decorated cupcakes!! – didn’t they do a fabulous job?


March 27, 2010 (86/365)