Cheap wall art, with an old frame, burlap and a paper mache letter and a little paint.

cheap wall art tutorial at

I’m still working on the walls in my office.

Several months ago I bought a few paper mache 12″ letters at Joann Fabrics for $3.99


I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them, until the other day.
  • I spray painted my letter “S” black.
  • Found this great wood frame at the resale shop for $8.
  • I stapled some burlap to the back of the frame
  • hung the frame on the wall over my husband’s desk.
  • I then stuck a nail in the wall right thru the burlap
  • and hung the letter “S” in the middle!

Perfect for now!!

My husbands first name and our last name both start with the letter “S”

I originally bought the frame with the intention of using it as a prop for photo shoots,
but for now I like it hanging here!
I think I even like the frame left gold……..but I may swipe a little white over it some time.


What do you think? Gold? or White?


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