Birthday cookies from Bake at 350 at
So I didn’t really PLAN to post about today being my birthday and all…………but when these beauties arrived on my doorstep yesterday………..I just knew I HAD the share them with you!!

Do you remember me telling you about my friend Bridget who got to go to New York and bake a cake with Kelly Rippa, Buddy (Cake Boss) and Electolux? Well, Bridget offered to giveaway one dozen of her cookies to one of her readers who voted for her cake!

Well guess who won the cookies?!!!

Yes!! It was me!!!!
and when Bridget found out it was close to my birthday she decided to make
BIRTHDAY cookies for ME!!

She asked me what my favorite colors were………
not knowing what she had up her sneaky little sleeves!

These cookies arrived just in time for my birthday……the day before to be exact!

I’ve always admired Bridget’s cookies on her blog…..but I’m telling you people
they are even MORE AWESOME in person!!

and they taste INCREDIBLE!! They’re soft, yummy and PERFECT!

Thanks again to Bridget for making my day more perfect……..
I’m SOOO incredibly lucky to call you my friend!?

Birthday cookies for ME!! by you.

I have to tell you a little “funny” about when the cookies arrived….My hubby knows about Bridget, but I guess I’ve never mentioned the name of her blog or cookie biz….

My daughter and I were eating our cookies and commenting on how SOFT and yummy they were….my hubby looks at the box (With Bridget’s GORGEOUS Bake at 350 label on it)and said “I think you’re supposed to bake these before you eat them!”…….my daughter and I busted out laughing…..MEN!!!!