“Peanuts? Pretzels? Cookies?” is what the flight attendant asked us. I was like “what the what?!….cookies?! yes please!”  It was my first time flying first class, my first time flying Delta and my first time flying with my daughter.  Boy were we being treated like royalty!!  Did you know you get your drinks in real glass, not plastic, in first class?

I later found out they serve those tasty crispy cinnamon/sugar Biscoff cookies to ALL Delta passengers (not just first class) and better yet……..I can find them in my grocery store! ……but wait! It gets even better, Biscoff also makes a spread! It’s “Europe’s alternative to peanut butter” and it tastes exactly like the cookies.

It wasn’t long after that flight that I noticed Biscoff recipes popping up on some of my favorite food blogs.  I knew I was going to need to made something with my new little gold mine!

I have had a few stressful weeks, and a sick kiddo at home, and thought yesterday we could both use a little “pick me up”, it was going to need to be indulgent yet easy, and I remembered Kristen’s Biscoff Pudding.

It was JUST what the doctor ordered!  Note, this pudding is not overly rich, and would be VERY easy to sit and eat the whole bowl! So making little parfaits, kept over indulging under control a bit. {wink}

Note, this pudding is very thick so it look a little funny spooned out in my parfait cups, but trust me, no one will care what it looks like!  (I followed the recipe to a “t” other than I used 2% mild instead of whole milk)

Dig in to your own…………

Chocolate Biscoff Banana Parfaits

(yields 4 servings)

prepared Biscoff Pudding (recipe at Dine and Dish)

2 bananas

Whipped Cream (I used canned, but it did melt fast)

Biscoff cookies

raspberry and mint leaf (for garnish)


using individual cups, layer pudding, banana slices, whipped cream, pudding, crushed cookies and top with whipped cream.  Garish with a raspberry and mint leaf, if desired.


can’t find Biscoff cookies and spread locally?

you can buy them on Amazon

Biscoff Cookies

Biscoff Spread

or you can purchase on the Biscoff website

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