Lifeingrace is having a “Painted Wood is Pretty” party where she featured her B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. painted kitchen cabinets. I kid you not, you HAVE to check out her kitchen!!
Here’s a sneak peek ……amazing isn’t it?

I have been fortunate to have had a (late) father and a brother who were in the business of building and finishing furniture. The majority of my house is furniture that was built by one of or both of them, and all of it is painted.

*you can click any of the pictures to see larger*

We do not have a kitchen pantry in our house, so several years ago I gave my dad the dimensions for a large pie safe that could work as my pantry – it’s one of my favorite pieces in the house – and probably gets the most comments when someone new visits our house. Most people think it’s old – they are shocked when I tell them who made it!

Look at the wonderful distressing, even the punched tins are slightly rusted.

My coffee table was made years ago (probably over 15 years) it was country blue in the beginning, several years ago I hauled it back up to the shop and they painted it black with red over it. Most of the “distressing” on this piece have been a courtesy to a few of our dogs when they were puppies! – that’s the good thing with the “distressed look” – when something happens to it, it blends in!

I do want to paint it again – I’m getting tired of the dark red. – if you look closely you can see some of the old blue showing thru as well! – Makes it look even older.

This small red cabinet holds our paper plates and napkins inthe top, and my cookbooks in the bottom.

This is our trashcan holder – I’m NOT going to open it and show you the trash can inside, but you open the slanted top to throw trash away, you open the double doors to remove the trash can and empty the bag. This piece has endured a lot of use over the 10 years I’ve had it.

My kitchen table is another favorite (do you see a pattern here? they’re ALL my favorite pieces LOL) I LOVE the 2 tone look of the black legs with the stained top – I also have a leaf I can add for bigger crowds. The chairs are old press backed chairs that used to be my parents – I’m kind of tired of them and would like new chairs sometime – or I could try painting these, but I’m not sure about color.

This Green cabinet is the last piece I took as we closed the doors to our shop, The Country Junction, last summer. It’s on The Bug Man’s side of the bedroom to hold all of his crap stuff.

This chest of drawers used to belong to my (late) mother-in-law, years ago it was handed over to my parents for a spare bedroom – it got this wonderful coat of red (have you figured out my favorite color yet?) and quickly became a piece that I KNEW I wanted some day – and you guessed it…..We just added it to our bedroom a few months ago. – It now has double the sentimental value to both of us.

The last piece I will show you today is the last piece my dad made for me before he passed away- it’s a
lingerie chest you can read about it in this post

Since I no longer have my dad here to build me furniture, and my brother is no longer in the business of building furniture – I have to turn to finding great pieces that I can paint. This little nightstand was my fist attempt at painting a piece myself along with Sunshine’s help You can read about that project here.

I’m looking forward to finding more great pieces to finish and I am always so inspired by all of the great projects I see on all the blogs!!

Check out all of the great Painted Wood is Pretty Projects over at the party Edie is having!

*I’d love to hear if you have painted furniture! Did you paint it yourself?
Leave me a comment and let me know!!

This Thursday all of us project procrastinators are uniting to GET A PROJECT DONE! Melissa at The Inspired Room wants all of us to declare what our project will be THIS THURSDAY APRIL 30th and show us your before photo so we can mock you if you don’t finish it encourage each other along the way to completion.

I will make my post on Thursday – and hook it up at her linky party! – get your ideas ready and be sure to link up to so we can all encourage each other to get those projects DONE!

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