Hi all!! It’s kind of blowing my mind how early Thanksgiving is this year.  Anyone else?

This week for I’m Lovin’ It I thought I’d try something a little different and share several things from around the web and in my life that I’m crushing on right now!

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1.  Holiday scrapbook papers for a fun cheap festive iphone covers what a great idea is that?!

2.  Amanda enlightened me with more amazing things I can accomplish with my iphone with 12 best travel apps

3.  I cracked up at this t-shirt I found the other day at a vintage and handmade shop at the mall.  If you just HAVE to have it,  the tags says it was from megan lee designs.

4.  I can’t believe that we became parents to a 25 year old last weekend.  She’s done an amazing job at making us look like we knew what we were doing! 

5.  My house wants to be Shelly’s house when it grows up.

6.  I may have cried just a little when I found this tutorial on how to hem jeans with the original hem.  If you are vertically challenged, like I am, you will understand.

7.  We can’t seem to keep the Café Escapes® K-cup packs in the house right now.  It’s been my afternoon indulgence.  They only have 70 calories or less so I don’t have to feel guilty.  The girls love them too.  Right now my favorite is the Chai Latte, and the Dark Chocolate Cocoa.  The girls love the Café Vanilla and Café Caramel. 

You can  use code ESCAPE8123 for an additional 15% off all Café Escapes® products  valid through 12/4/2012 @ 11:59 pm EST at GreenMountainCoffee.com Enjoy! Stock up on these specialty beverages, they would make great stocking stuffers!

8.  I had some fun last week with Whirlpool and we went flavor tripping with the m berry at Homaro Cantu’s restaurant ING in Chicago.  It’s quite the experience and they change their menu every 6 weeks.  If you don’t know about the m berry, it’s a tablet that changes the way you taste food – sour food taste sweet, without sugar or sweeteners.  Homaro says it can be life changing for patients undergoing chemo who no longer taste food (*he will send it to chemo patients free of charge!)  it’s really cool you should check it out!

9.  Also, while I was in Chicago, I fed my addiction and  picked up this scarf.  I’m in love with the color and have already worn it 4 times!

10.  My Wednesday nights are now devoted to Nashville!  anyone else enjoying this new show on ABC?  LOVE this duet from the show.


The average Thanksgiving meal takes 18 hours to prepare, 4 hours to clean up and only 12 minutes to consume.  Isn’t that crazy?

so I can’t end this post with out mentioning how much I’m enjoying all the great pie recipes being linked up over at the Love the Pie party for a chance to win a Whirlpool Range!!    So if your Thanksgiving grand finale includes pie, head over and check out all the recipes (and enter to win while you’re there!)

** Please note: I will not be hosting I’m Lovin’ It on:

  • Nov 22, 2011 to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family

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