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I’m sitting here this afternoon, sipping on a big mug of coffee gearing up for the weekend.  We are headed out for our first, and probably only college campus visit.  Someone pinch me and tell me that our baby is NOT old enough to be looking at colleges yet, and she’s certainly not going to move away from home in a year and a half!   I think I blinked and she grew up.  She grew up into everything I ever imagined she would be and then some!  We are very lucky parents of two such amazing girls!  Whatever you’re up to this weekend I hope it’s fabulous! 

For this week’s I’m Lovin’ It, I thought I’d share a little collection of things I’ve been crushing on lately.

 Favorite Things at

1.  This Antique cart needs to appear in my life.  Including everything on it.

2.  Mint, it’s kind of the coolest color EVER! and it’s my new favorite.  My mom even picked up on my latest fascination and got me a fabulous mint necklace  for my birthday.  I wear it every chance I get.

3.  Colored jeans, like pink and mint.

4.  I’m loving this office makeover .  I’m jealous of the placement of the desk in front of the window. I would love to work with a view.

5.  Go watch Joy’s Hot Fudge Milk Shake video and tell me you don’t want one! – I dare you.

6.  This reclaimed lumber “EAT” wall art in the kitchen is perfection!

7.  I love when I find a new dinner recipe that’s a hit with the family! Italian Turkey and cheese sandwiches on garlic toasted buns – try them!

8.  I fell in love with this duvet while shopping at Pottery Barn the other day at the mall.  I’m not looking for a new one, but that one is REALLY calling my name.

9.  Melissa’s kitchen remodel was 9 months in the making and oh my word….it was worth the wait!! – Almost as adorable as Jack the Goldendoodle

10. We have a Lavender Farm near us that I haven’t been to in a few years.  I’m planning to go in the next few months, and I think I will need to make Lavender Lemonade after I go!

11. You need this powder and this brush in your life!

photographingFOOD issue 3 and 4

12. Issue 3 and 4 of photographing FOOD are now out!! 

Issue 3 : In this issue, Taylor walks you through how to make beautiful pictures of your food once the sun has gone down.  Photographing FOOD Issue3 is a full color 33 page downloadable PDF available for $5.  It can be purchased here

 Issue 4:  In this issue, Taylor will show you how to create delicious looking images before the food is plated. Photographing FOOD Issue 4 is a full color 40 page downloadable PDF available for $5. It can be purchased here.

13. My husband does not like to travel, but I’m desperately trying to talk him into Hawaii in the next year or so, since we will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary and my 50th birthday in about 2 years.  But for now,  I just sip on Tully’s Hawaiian blend coffee and let my thoughts take me away.  It’s a clean tasting coffee that’s slightly sweet and not at all bitter, a mug full with a splash of coconut milk and these might just be my new favorite K-cup packs!

Green Mountain Coffee coupon STOREWIDE8123

If you’d like to try out the Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-cups, or any other flavors…… visit TidyMom readers can enjoy 15% off  storewide plus free standard shipping  (on orders over $30) with the promo code STOREWIDE8123 now through April 21st, 2013. Please note, this offer cannot be combined with any other keycode discount.

14. If you’re a parent – read this and this.  It’s a new dawn, parenting in today’s world.

15. Do you watch Nashville?  it’s one of my favorite shows right now, even if you don’t, check out this video, are these two little ones not incredibly talented? LOVE that!

 That’s all I got!…….Well, not really, but I’ll stop at 15 😉

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  1. Hey cheryl… Have I got a Hawaii deal for you! My parents have a house in Kona (The Big Island) and they have a great 2 bed/ 2 bath suite to use… Let me know when you want to go…
    Thanks for the party! Have a great week!

  2. What a list! I saw Joy’s video a few days ago and was drooling! Woah! And have fun on your trip! Don’t get too stressed out and be sure not to stress the kid out. It wasn’t that long ago that I was looking at schools (well, 12 years ago… oy, how old am I) so I still recall the fights I had with my parents about colleges. Enjoy!

  3. I love #9. A new kitchen + a golden doodle = heaven!

  4. I think we are twins! I love all of your crushes (I never thought that I would like mint but I’m loving it!} and I watch those two little girls on You Tube all the time. Their voices are so different but go so nicely together! Anyways…thanks so much for the party! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I’m in LOVE with Nashville right now! Such a fun show to watch! Thanks so much for hosting, and have a wonderful evening : )


  6. OMG that Hot Fudge Milk Shake video Joy posted last week mad my week!! I loved it!
    Thanks so much for the party and I hoped you have a great weekend!

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  9. Thanks so much for hosting! Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Thanks for hosting! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  11. I’m afraid to blink too! I can’t keep up with how fast my son is growing. Have fun on the trip! Thank you so much for your party, Cheryl!

  12. I’m right there with you Cheryl. My son is a junior in high school. We haven’t done any college visits yet but we’ve been filling out athletic recruiting forms on college sites. I want him to stay local but I may not get my wish. Wahhhh! Enjoy the college visit.
    xxoo – carolyn

  13. Thanks for the party, Cheryl! Have a terrific weekend!! 🙂

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  15. All your cute links make me want to do some shopping this weekend! Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend 🙂

  16. Thanks so much for the party Cheryl!

  17. Oh have fun on the college visit. That is so exciting! Isn’t it crazy how fast they grow up. Have a great weekend and that Lavender Lemonade looks good!

  18. How exciting (and terrifying) that your youngest will be off to college soon! I do hope you manage to convince your husband to celebrate your 30 (!) anniversary and 50 (!!!!) birthday in two years in Hawaii. Great I’m Lovin’ It Friday post Cheryl. Your links for #14…thanks for sharing. I had read Suburbabble’s but had not read Angie Smith’s post. Truly some food for thought for all of us in both.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    P.S. You could always book the Hawaii trip now and *give* it to your husband as his Anniversary present…he’d pretty much have to go then wouldn’t he?!

  19. thank you so much for another party! 🙂

  20. Thank you so much for hosting the party! I love picture with Melissa’s dog sitting in her kitchen 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  21. It is hard to believe how fast kids grow up … suddenly one day I was the shortest person in the house 😉 Thank you for hosting a great party!

  22. Thank you so much for hosting the parties every week. It’s lots of work, and much appreciated!

  23. Thanks for hosting! Have a great weekend!

  24. Thank you so much for hosting! Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  25. Thank you so much for hosting a great party! I love to come to your blog and discover great new things! Krista \

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