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UPDATE Oct 2015

This Instagram poster is still one of my very favorite items in our house.  We moved in 2013 so I thought I’d update with a picture of how it looks in our current home.

Entryway with framed Instagram poster. Details on how to make your own Instagram poster at


It’s no secret how much I love my iPhone and taking pictures with it.  Instagram is my favorite iPhone app, that allows me to upload and share my photos, and now I can turn my collection  into a poster.


Instagram poster

It was super easy to do with Social Print Studio Printstagram.   The poster is 20″ x 40″ in size (50cm x 100cm), and can accommodate anywhere between 50-400 photos (my poster has 288 photos).  They do all the work and size them to fit the full poster size & arrange them in a nice clean grid.  I then handed over $25 + $6 shipping and  a few days later I had a large, high-quality photo print made with the Instagram photos that I chose!  Printed on thick Fuji Crystal Archive paper, my poster is made to last and won’t fold or tear easily.

How to Make a Instagram Poster

1. Connect with Instagram so they can access your photos.
2. Choose black or white background and select the images to include (50-200 images optimal).
3. Confirm your order details.
4. Hand over the cash!

I think I had my order placed in under 10 minutes.  I chose “select all photos” , then ticked off the photos I did not want included.  Choosing my photos is what took the most time, but was very easy.

Don’t have an iPhone or Instagram account?  No worries…….. you can email Social Print Studio your square crop photos and they can make a poster with those photos!  No Instagram account needed!  A prinstagram poster would make a GREAT gift too!

I decided I wanted my poster framed, so I took my poster to Michaels with a 50% off framing coupon.  This is where I dropped a little cash ($170 to be exact), but it was SO worth it to me, because I hung it in a very visible spot in our house, and I LOVE how it looks!

Instagram poster hanging

My poster is filled with a lots of photos that represent our day to day life, many are not anything I would normally bother to print, but seeing them all together is a great way to reflect on our year.  Places we visited, funny moments at home, food we made and ate, things we love…...our life…..our story.  I think I almost cried when I opened it.


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Entryway with framed Instagram poster. Get all the details to make your own Instagram Poster at

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Disclaimer: I bought my own poster, but Social Print Studio is providing 5 posters and shipping to 5 TidyMom readers.   All opinions and views belong to me!


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  1. I think I would hang it in our hallway – yours looks so awesome!

  2. I would love to win this and give it as a gift for a special friend!!!! This is such a cool giveaway!!!

  3. I shared the giveaway on Twitter.

  4. I’m following you on Pinterest.

  5. i would so use this poster for myself, as i am currently obsessed with instagram (jenni_roseland)! best app for the iphone, i agree! i would hang it in my front entrance or on the way up my staircase!

  6. I like Tidymom on Facebook

  7. I like Social Print on FB.

  8. I would keep it for myself! It’s such a fun reminder of each day. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  9. Oh, I would love to have this to document my girls first years! I would hang it in our hallway or their playroom

  10. following you on instagram now!!!

  11. and now following you on pinterest (why wasn’t i before)?
    you may or may not recognize a certain turquoise dresser that you pinned a while back in the ruffled duvet link up! i think you commented on my blog about it!

  12. you may or may not recognize a certain turquoise dresser that you pinned a while back in the ruffled duvet link up! i think you commented on my blog about it!

    and now following you on pinterest (why wasn’t i before)?

  13. Well I’d most certainly love to win! I want to capture our house hunting/buying experience as we look for our first home!

  14. I already follow you on instagram 🙂 @Mandy_MJP

  15. I would so do a poster with pictures of all the treats I make, that would be so fun! OH and your puppy is so cute.

  16. Love the poster! Thanks for hosting!

  17. Ohhh i would love this poster… I’d put it iny entry way!!!

  18. I would LOVE to have a poster of my Instagram photos!! I have so many great ones. Already a fan of Tidymom on FB, now I’m a fan of Social print studio on fb.

  19. OH MY WORD, I’M IN LOVE. I’m a major ig fanatic. Like I used nearly 100 hashtags on my last picture. LOL!/sprittibee/status/172882708748443648 TWEET!!!!!

  20. I would hang this in my house somewhere VERY often looked at. #LOVE

  21. Thanks for hosting….have a great weekend!

  22. I follow you on Pinterest.

  23. I follow you on Instagram.

  24. I would take all of my day to day family which includes our 5 month old puppy, Steelmore & display. I probably have 200+ pics to choose from 😉

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  26. I would love to win this (and keep it for myself) … 🙂 I have lots of pictures of my kitty-cat postedm and would love to finally have them printed out!

  27. I would hang it in my entry way. Every time I come home and open the door I would greeted by lots of pics of loved ones. This is SO AWESOME!!

  28. I sooo want it. Its lovely!
    I would def. put all my kids pictures on it…. a whole year in pictures!

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    Already twitted!

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  33. Just this week I started back to work after being at home with my almost one year old. I would love one of these posters for my office. That way I could see my sweet babies every moment of everyday while being away from them. I adore Instagram. Regardless of the outcome of the giveaway, it’s an amazing idea and I look forward to eventually getting one. Thank you for posting this! 🙂

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  35. I would soon keep it & put the poster in my office…to keep those memories close!

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  37. I like Social Print Studio on FB

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