Chinet Bakeware: $450 #Giveaway


Chiet Bakeware Woman

Bake it. Take it. Make it look great.

Isn’t that what we all want when we take a dish to a party, picnic or gathering?

It’s a pain to keep track of favorite casserole dish or pan when you take your famous cheese potatoes to Aunt Mildred’s house for the family reunion, yet you hate to show up in a flimsy shiny tin foil pan. 

Chinet Bakeware vs Aluminum

Leave those aluminum pans behind! Chinet has got you covered!  

Chinet Bakeware® baking pans are the first disposable baking dishes that let you take your food from oven to table to freezer to microwave, all in one attractive, non-stick pan. All with the Chinet brand, strength and stability built in. Plus, they’re microwavable and present perfectly at parties.

chinet bakeware pans

Perfect for Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies, Buffalo Mac ‘N Cheese, Upside Down German Chocolate Cake, Buffalo Chicken Dip and much more!

The revolutionary new bakeware does away with the old aluminum pans. Watch the video below and see how Chinet Bakeware® takes a stylish modern approach to cooking with grace and personality.

hint: be sure to watch closely to see what she brings to the party (at the end of the video) to answer the giveaway question

Made in the USA of 90% recycled material, Chinet Bakeware is finally an idea in disposable bakeware that isn’t half-baked.


The wonderful folks at Chinet would like to give one lucky TidyMom reader $450 worth of Chinet Family Products

chinet bakeware Giveaway at

 To enter the giveaway, please use the widget below to sign in and answer the question. (if you are reading this post via email or reader, you will need to click over to the blog to enter)

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Disclosure:  This post and giveaway is sponsored by Chinet, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I brought a peach and blackberry crisp to my brother’s house and then took the leftovers home because I needed my casserole dish back (it wasn’t disposable). He was so mad I took the leftovers! So, next time I can use this Chinet Bakeware and leave the yummies for him to enjoy the next day.

    • I love the new paper bakeware by Chinet. But, I find lids are to large and do not stay on when transporting the bakeware. Maybe something can be done to fix that problem. Still love the bakeware and will keep using the pans. I am using them for Thanksgiving.
      Jackie Purner

  2. This would be great for my sweet potato pie over the holidays!

  3. These would make Thanksgiving Dinner cleanup so much easier.

  4. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I would use Chinet pans for baking casseroles, brownies and cookies. I love to bake so I am sure I will be using these almost everyday!!! Thanx for the giveaway….

  6. I would make Lasagna in the bakeware!

  7. I would bring meals to some new mommies in these!

  8. I love this product. I am forever bringing food and treats to friends. So durable and makes a beautiful presentation . Perfect for a random act of kindness!

  9. I would use these in so many ways! Potlucks, holidays, new mom dinner gifts, new neighbor gifts…

  10. These look great. I am planning on doing a bipunch of freezer recipes for when I have surgery. Sure will be nicer than the throw always I used in the past. Sweet!

  11. I would use the chinet bakeware to make freezer meals ready to give for new moms / those recovering from illness in our church! How wonderful that it’s freezer, oven, AND microwave safe, and I don’t have to worry about returned dishes!

  12. I am constantly entertaining. I have lots of cookouts, pool parties and pot luck dinners. I also take lots of things to my church for special functions. I love Chinet bakeware.

  13. I would use the Chinet for many many dishes. I make alot of cakes and brownies to bring to various gatherings so this would be perfect. I won’t have to worry about getting my pan back! Great ides. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. I cook for my church at least once a month (80 people), those silly metal pans burn me and fall.
    I bake for the single soldiers in my husbands unit, they miss home cooked food, no lids fit disposable pans
    i bake for friends who need a pick me up or are sick, this would mean no hurry to return pans or me running out
    for when I cook several meals at a time to freeze for my family, they look like they would hold up in the freezer

  15. I would use them for our grade level socials at school.

  16. I would use it for Thanksgiving dinner. I usually take my green beans with bacon.

  17. Wow what a great idea Chinet!! Love it!! I would use it for anything and everything! How nice to not have to remember to bring home a baking dish, or worse yet, something happening to one of your favorites! The pie/cobbler she brought looked great!

  18. I would take dinner to a friend getting ready to have a baby. The worst thing is to have people be kind and bring you meals after having a baby but then have to keep dishes straight and return them to the right people. This would take that out of the equation and just let her family enjoy some great home-cooked meals.

  19. This looks perfect for taking meals to those who are ill / have new babies / etc.! 🙂

  20. Looks great to use for bunko!

  21. lasagne!!!!

  22. I would love some of this stuff to stock my freezer, or to hold gifts of home-made food. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  23. I would make brownies. They are my kids favorite!

  24. Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays would be so much easier now.

  25. I’d use Chinet Bakeware for ALL my casseroles and baking. And I’d be cooking even more

  26. Cinnamon Rolls! I would take them to my college son’s apartment for him to share with his roommates.

  27. breads that i make and take to people

  28. It would make sharing dinner with others so much easier…casseroles, desserts, everything.

  29. these are absolutely awesome. I cook for a friend’s family who’s wife has cancer (and they have two young children) and if I put in aluminum it can’t go in the microwave and if I put in plastic it can’t go in the oven. These will allow him to make the choice. Thank you for the opportunity. I will be buying these even if I don’t win.

  30. definite must to use when taking food to potluck, family dinners or just when I don’t want to wash dishes!
    ( I know, shame on me )

  31. Thanks so much for the great info and opportunities. I could sure use the Chinet for our large family that all love ot gather at Maw maw’s house for dinner.

  32. Wow!! I would be using these all the time if I had them….

  33. I just tried Chinet for the first time and it was awesome! So much better than the disposable containers I’ve used before.

  34. I would use it for easter and Thanksgiving for sure. Then any other time i take food to someones house or have a Bday party!!

  35. I am often asked to bring my homemade lasagna to birthday luncheons, get togethers and family dinners. These would be great to take. No worries about getting your dish back! 🙂

  36. I would use them when we have a hot tub party, or a cook out, or for Thanksgiving, or for Christmas! Heck….I could use them all year round!!!!

  37. Every time we have a get together over some one’s house. Potluck at church would also be great!

  38. Bring food to my grandparents since my pop pop is in the hospital and mom mom probably hasn’t been feeding herself well.

  39. Anything & everything possible! I hate bringing a dish to a friends house and having to pick it up after the party!

  40. Those would be great for church dinners! No more lost or forgotten pans! Or if you’re sending a meal to someone. Great idea!

  41. I make a lot of meals to bring to pregnant or new moms or to give to neighbors. These would be great!

  42. Freezer dinners for myself and expecting friends!

  43. I would use these for parties and to take dishes to my new mom friends. Thanks for the chance!

  44. Boy,these look great.I can use them for lots of dishes Thanks for a chance to win.

  45. I use my convection/microwave everyday and these Chinet Bakeware pans would be ideal. They are obviously much stronger than the alumnimun pans I’ve used in the past, when I wanted to leave the food at the party I’m going to. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win this wonderful bakeware!

  46. Each wednesday night my church eats together using throw-away plates, etc. It’s a big expense, particularly because we’re a small church. I would take most of the chinet to my church for our wednesday meals.

  47. Where do you buy this cookware??? I cook, bake meals for my family and Church, so this would be excellent.
    What store/place seels this bakeware>

  48. Please explain to me how this widget works??? Exactly what am I to do to enter these contests??


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