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grilled italian pizza

Like most people, I’m a huge fan of pizza, and in the summer heat, we enjoy grilling pizza.  I love how quick and easy it is, and everyone can basically build their own pizza..

The other day I was at the store and spied the new Philadelphia Cooking Creme…….have you seen these in the store? (they are not paying me to write about it, I just LOVE it!)

Well, I thought the Italian Cheese and Herb flavor might just make a scrumptious pizza sauce, and boy was I right!!

We’ve now made these pizza’s twice in the last few weeks.

Last year I covered  how to grill pizza

Grilled Italian Pizza

Philadelphia Cooking Creme, Italian Cheese and Herb

Romano tomatoes, sliced

Mozzarella cheese, sliced

Grilled Chicken (I like to use the Tyson precooked grilled chicken)

Italian Cheese Blend, shredded

Parmesan Cheese, grated

fresh basil

garlic salt

Italian seasoning

Flour tortillas

Grill tortillas, then top with cooking creme, add chicken, tomatoes, cheeses, basil, then sprinkle lightly with garlic salt and Italian Seasonings.  Close lid on grill and cook for 5-7 minutes.

LOVE it!  I’m seriously drooling putting these pictures up………I think I need to go make one!

With under a week to go in the  Alexia Foods Reinvent a Classic French fry recipe challenge, I have been heating up the kitchen a few times playing with some more french fry creations………and sometimes just sampling the great varieties Alexia already has in the stores.


How about some FREE Fries?

3 TidyMom readers can enjoy some FREE Alexia French Fries……… hoops, just leave a comments telling me your favorite cut of french fry. Waffle,  Crinkle, Wedge or Julienne.  That’s it!

GIVEAWAY has ENDED.  Congrats to #18 Karen, #63 Madelyn and #76 Melissa

I’ll pick 3 winners on Monday July 18.

TidyMom I'm Lovin' ItI’m Lovin…. Grilling Pizza and French Fries

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Disclaimer: Alexia Foods has provided product coupons and monetary compensation for my participation in the “Reinvent A Classic” Promotion. Love of french fires….well that’s all my own!


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  1. Crinkle!

  2. I love waffle frys. Really I like any kind of potato though.

  3. If they are crispy and salty, all french fries are yummy! My favorite is probably waffle fries…I could eat them as a meal!

  4. I love all fries! Waffle fries are the most fun to eat!

  5. Love a crinkle cut fry 🙂

  6. I dont know if cute is as important as done-ness (is that even a word?) to me. I like my fries done, crispy and almost too done! I do enjoy crinkle cuts though.

  7. I love baked sweet potato fries. But they MUST be crispy. Yum!

  8. Thanks for hosting. The pizza’s look delish! My favorite fry is the crinkle cut! Makes me want some right now. 😉

  9. I like thin, julienne fries…and those pizzas look amazing!

  10. I love wedge cut fries!

  11. I like Julienne fries — the crispier, the better!

  12. The waffle fries look delicious! And so do your pizzas!

  13. I love wedge fries! Thank you for the giveaway!

  14. Okay, when I was little we lived out in the middle of nowhere. My grandparents, however, lived in a HUGE town (well, it seemed huge then anyway!) so where I was from they had two types of fries: regular and steak fries!!! The first time I tried waffle fries, ahh sweet discovery, was when I was visiting my grandparents and we went out after church. So, those are my favorites. Waffle fries. The kind they have in the big city!!! Can’t wait to try your pizza recipe!!! Thanks!

  15. I can’t believe your post is about pizza b/c that is exactly what I’m loving this week and wanted to link up! I’ve never tried grilling it though and am about to add this suggestion to my post. Great idea!

  16. Crinkle cut fries have always been my favorite. The grilled pizza’s look good. I am going to have to those out on my family.

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  18. I like the waffle fries! Thanks for hosting.

  19. Waffle fries are my favorite!

    Thanks so much for hosting! I love looking over everyone’s ideas. Swing by my blog when you get a chance for Fusion Fridays…I would love for you to link up!

  20. Thanks for the link up – I’m always loving your site! Your grilled pizza makes me want to go purchase a grill! 🙂

  21. shoestring because they get crunchy

  22. Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful and amazing party!
    Have great weekend!

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  24. We love waffle fries in this house!!!

  25. Crinkle cut- they pick up more ketchup, gravy, dressing, or whatever I’m dipping them in!!

  26. That pizza looks insanely good. I wish I had a grill!

    I like a nice waffle fry. If it’s sweet potato, even better!

  27. I like my fries cut julienne…crispy!!!!!

  28. Waffle fries are the best!

  29. We did a “take” on this yesterday…pre-made crusts, the cookind creme, pesto, spinach tomato and a tiny bit of mozerella….inspired by you and SOOOOOOOO good!

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  31. Oh, I just love the look of that pizza! Yum 🙂

  32. YUMM, I AM Lovin’ It…

    All I need is the Philly Cooking Creme’, Think I’m going to double up the tortillas & melt some mozz in between to make a sturdier crust…

    Thrifty Treasure Hunter

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  42. Great info. Lucky me I recently found your site by chance (stumbleupon). I have book-marked it for later!

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