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Flip Flop Cookies with Sweet Sugar Belle {Guest Post}


I asked Callye of The Adventures of Sweet Sugar Belle to share some of her sugary secrets today.  Callye is uber fabulous, absolutely darling AND  has a blog full of useful tips and ideas for cookie decorating.  I’ve enjoyed soaking up all of her cookie smarts and think you will too!


Summertime is drawing to a close, and although I like the cooler weather, I am not quite ready to let it go.  So, in the midst of all the back-to-school ads, and end-of-summer vacations, I decided to make flip flop cookies one more time.

The best thing about these is that although they LOOK complicated, they are really simple to make. 

Here’s how to decorate Flip Flop Cookies

You will need:

  • Aqua and white icing for outlining with a #2 tip
  • Aqua, pink, green, yellow and white flood icing

Begin by using aqua icing to outline the cookies

After they are outlined, fill them with the matching flood icing. 

Normally, I would suggest filling them all at once, but the floral decoration on the cookies is done while the first layer of icing is still wet, so you have to work on only a few cookies at a time, moving very quickly.  For the record, this is called wet-on-wet decorating.

First use the pink to add flowers.  Draw them just as you would if you were drawing them on paper, then add leaves and a center.

Let this layer dry for at least eight hours, preferably overnight.  The next day, add the toe strap.

It might help to trace around your cutter and sketch what you want it to look like before actually putting it on the cookie.  I usually do this when I make flip flop cookies just so I don’t have to make a few goof cookies before making one I’m happy with.

To make sure the strap is perfect I begin by outlining the top, and then adding the bottom line to close it.

Flood the outline, and let this dry for about 6-8 hours also.

See, pretty and easy!

Flip Flop Cookies

I’d love to see these in other colors, ESPECIALLY yellow, maybe I’ll get to it before the summer passes me by!

Many people are intimidated by decorated cookies. But all it takes is a little practice and know-how, and you’ll be making beautiful cookies sooner than you know!  If you mess up, the worst thing that can happen is someone has to eat an ugly cookie, and that’s not bad at all!

So, give these a shot before the summer is gone, or keep them in mind for your next luau.

In the meantime, you can come visit me and read about all my adventures!  Until then, happy summer, and even happier decorating!

You can find a Flip Flop Cookie cutter on Amazon or you can try Michaels.

Chocolate Cookie recipe from Lilalola.

Callye’s Royal Icing recipe

 About Callye:

Callye is a wife and mother to three, who has a huge passion for cookies.  She loves to draw and paint; by creating stunning cookies she can share her talent with the world.  Due to  the lack of cottage laws in her state, which she has successfully lobbied on capital hill to change, Callye no longer sells her cookies, but instead she shares her knowledge and passion on her blog The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle (named after her daughter Belle), by teaching others how to  decorate cookies, and use ordinary cookie cutters in extraordinary ways. 

Connect with Callye on Twitter | Facebook


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