First Day of School Junior Year

Ummmm, could someone PLEASE tell me how this happened?

Our baby, our youngest, started her Junior year of high school yesterday!  That can’t be possible.

This year, we no longer have have to rush out the door with her in the morning, or stop what I’m doing at 2pm to go pick her up.  She’s driving herself to school, and as much as that scares me to death, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you how good it feels to not have that chore every day.

Can you believe she had homework already?

Homework with Windows Phone

aaaaaand she could not find her graphing calculator from last year! {sigh} but we were in luck!  We grabbed my Windows Phone and checked the Market Place, and sure enough, there was a graphing calculator app with five star reviews!

I quickly pinned it to my main screen……..she can’t lose that! HA!

Windows Phone tiles at

The front screen of the Windows Phone is one of my favorite features with it’s changing icons. It shows me current weather conditions (no need to click to see them), changing status updates from family and friends, my, I can keep track of how much water I’ve drank, or find a public restroom………ALL on my main screen. Static icons are so yesterday!  The Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone shows you everything that’s important to YOU all in one glance.

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Disclosure: Microsoft gave me the the new Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone to test drive. I am being compensated for this review, however all opinions are all my own!