Most of us purchase dryer sheets to toss in the dryer to make our laundry smell fresh, feel soft and reduce static.  I shared that you can cut them in half and get the same results, as well as you can tuck them away with your linens to keep them smelling fresh.  But did you know you can use those dryer sheets can come in handy in other rooms in the house?

5 Alternative uses for dryer sheets

Fabric softener sheets are designed to help eliminate static cling.  When dusting the house, wipe your television, computer screens, and window blinds with a used sheet to keep dust from resettling.

When storing luggage away, toss a fresh dryer sheet in your suitcase before you zip it up.  Next time you travel, your suitcase will smell fresh, rather than musty.

Does Rover leave hair all over the couch?  Wipe the surface where he lays with a dryer sheet and it will attract most of the hair– and freshen it up a bit too!

Place a dryer sheet inside smelly shoes and leave them overnight. The smell will be gone in the morning.

If your pots and pans have burned food stuck on them, place a dryer sheet in the bottom before you fill them with water and leave overnight. The burned food will come off easily in the morning.


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This is my last post in the Arm & Hammer Switch and Save Challenge.  I enjoyed making the switch and trying out new products, but I think I really enjoyed learning about all the other uses many of these products have, and the Arm & Hammer Essentials Fabric Softener Sheets are no exception.


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