You know the old saying “Everything gets better with age”?……well, I’m here to tell you that’s not true with your eyes.  Either that or my arms are just getting shorter. lol

I’ve been putting off the inevitable long enough, I need reading glasses.  Actually, I need glasses for distance as well, but once I hit my 40’s those glasses I used to wear for distance were more annoying than helpful.  I was always pulling them off if I needed to read or look at my phone.  I did what many do and picked up some cheap readers at the drugstore, but honestly, they never really did what I needed either because when I would look up at something, it was all blurry.  So I would take them off. Then put them on, and off again.  So annoying,  so most of the time I just went without glasses.  My family made fun of the goofy faces I would make when I would try to read a text message or anything on my phone.

I buy good “glass” for my camera, why am I not doing it for my own eyes?  

Thrilled is an understatement when I was recently contacted by VSP Vision Care and asked if I would like to be fitted for some new glasses…….but not just any glasses, these glasses would have UNITY digital lenses!

Unity Digital Lenses

Digital lenses?  I’m sure you want to know too! 

About UNITY Digital Lenses

  • Help you see more clearly
  • You’ll get the most precise prescription possible.
  • Your digital prescription can be tailored not only to your eyes’ corrective needs but also to your frame and how your glasses fit your face. This ensures you see your absolute best.
  • When you switch to UNITY digital lenses, it is like going from analog to HD.
  • No more red marks on your nose.  UNITY digital lenses are lightweight and don’t weigh down your frames
  • Can fit virtually into any frame – just because your prescription is complex doesn’t mean your lenses need to look that way.
  • Provide clear vision at any distance—near, far and in between.


 How could I say no to that?!  I eagerly headed off to Rosen Optometry, a local VSP Vision Care provider.  Just as I suspected, after my eye exam the doctor informed me that with my astigmatism and age, I would benefit the most by wearing progressive digital lenses.  She explained that these glasses would allow me to see both distance, up close and everything in between and that UNITY digital progressive lenses are perfect for first time progressive wearers.  Dr. Rosen told me more people find them easy to wear and the UNITY lenses have higher adoption rates.

The staff was super friendly and helpful when it came time to pick out a frame.  I had a huge selection to choose from and we are talking designer brands.  Once I narrowed it down, the staff all voted on their favorite, and I text my daughter’s to get their votes.  

Then came the fun……

They attached a special device to the frame I picked out…….. this was going to help map out and calibrate my prescription.

I then stepped up to a machine.   I stood facing the mirror with my frames on, while the optician stood on the computer side.   While I said “cheese” the machine took a few pictures of me in my new frames to get a series of precise measurements so my UNITY digital lens prescription will be tailored not only to my eyes’ corrective needs but also to my frame and how it fit my face. – Pretty cool, right?

I got a call that my new glasses were ready to pick up just the other day……look for a follow-up post soon.  I’ll share how these new high-performance digital lenses fit my lifestyle and how they look on!

How about you?  Do you wear glasses?  Have you tried digital lenses?

Disclaimer:  I have a working relationship with Plexus, Inc. and VSP.  As always, all views and opinions and need of glasses are my own.