Happy Sunday! The weeks are flying by here, as we have been busy packing for our move.  My house is slowing being over taken by boxes and bags!  But I’m getting super excited that our move is getting closer.  The next 2-3 weeks will be brutal, and I may not be able to post I Spy Sunday for a few weeks.  But rest assured, if I take off a few weeks, I’ll be back to featuring some of the great ideas linked up each week again after we get settled in to our new home.

A  BIG thanks to all who linked up to this week’s I’m Lovin’ It Party! There were so many unbelievably talented ideas and inspiration shared!  Here are 9 DIY ideas that caught my eye this week.

I Spy Sunday DIY Features at TidyMom.net

1.  Tricia shares several ways you can add timeless, vintage-classic appeal to a kitchen with out breaking the bank with  Timeless Kitchen ideas on a budget.

2.  Yummy Chocolate Shortbread Cookies with Buttercream Roses would make a beautiful gift or look great on any dessert table.

3.  How adorable are these Crab Cake Cupcakes Jenn made for her little boy’s Under the Sea Birthday party?!

4.  I’m kind of obsessed with homemade beauty products lately.  Amy’s Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub would make a great companion to my Lime & Mint Foot Soak.

5.  This wooden tripod floor lamp offers a rustic contemporary feel and coordinates nicely with the modern, cottage style of Jessica’s family room.  I love everything about her home!

6.  It’s always fun to make a Summer Bucket List, but I love Mique’s idea of a Summer Random Acts of Kindness List! What an awesome way to teach kids to be the kind of people who are always looking for ways to help those around them.

7.  I can never get enough watermelon in the summer, and I can’t wait to try this Watermelon Lime Frappe.

8.  Caramelized Coconut Banana Bread Waffle French Toast! Say what?!!!! They’re completely all whole wheat and filled with mashed bananas and creamy coconut milk. The coconut milk keeps the waffles really moist while adding a mellow coconut flavor and the bananas sweeten them up without adding in a ton of extra sugar, which makes them completely healthy right?! lol

9.  These sneakers kind of blew my mind, because I have all the supplies sitting in my office to make a similar pair real soon!  I LOVE the Orange and Yellow Polka Dot DIY Sneakers Malia made!


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