I desperately need to tear apart my bedroom: closet, drawers, various piles, etc. and spent major time engaged in cleaning, purging, and organizing.    I’m pretty sure there are things in the bottom of my closet I forgot I even own!

The other night I even had a weird dream that I came home from a trip and my husband had pitched everything that was piled up in the bottom of our closet!!  Which is pretty ironic, since he is the one who boarders on hoarding.  Still I took it as a wake-up call that I need to get moving on some spring cleaning!

I plan to get started this weekend……….and thought I’d share some of my favorite cleaning products and accessories…


Spring Cleaning at TidyMom


1.  I love Method’s Natural Cleaning Products!  Especially in grapefruit,  the citrus smell is perfect or spring and the products clean great!

2.  I love cleaning with microfiber clothes.  These bright cheerful Zwipes Microfiber Clothes make it easy to know which clothes are for cleaning.

3.  My husband got me this Dyson DC-35 Cordless Vacuum for Christmas and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It’s fabulous for vacuuming furniture and small spot cleaning.  I use it daily!

4.  I  have used Bar Keepers Friend on my stainless steel sink and pots to get them super shiny for years! It’s the only thing that will remove rust or hard stains without using chlorine bleach.

5.  Yankee Clean Cotton Candle is my FAVORITE spring/summer scent.  Their candles have always been a favorite because of the strong scent and long burning hours.

6.  Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner is my very favorite automatic floor cleaner.  It dusts and wet cleans my floors.  I use it at least once a week on my laminate and tile floors.

7.  Baking Soda has SO many uses as a household cleaner.  This natural wonder does the trick on everything from cleaning my drains to my grill and more. 

8.  I was never much of a kitchen brush user, until I got my hands on the Full Circle Glass Cleaner and Laid Back Dish Brush.  Now I can’t do dishes with out them.

9.  Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner is the only thing I have found to clean my stainless steel appliances and doesn’t leave streaks!

10. Big cleaning days call for a great Cleaning Caddy  – the perfect way to move from room to room with all your cleaning tools.

11.  I like to dust with a VERY damp cloth, I usually just lightly spray a microfiber cloth with a little water.  I like this Microfiber Spray Duster because it does just that and it picks up dust and holds onto it like a magnet!

12. I love my iHome .  I have one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom.  I can listen to Pandora, my iPhone music library or the radio. We use all the time, especially when cleaning!

13.  I’m a big fan of containers to corral clutter – these Fridge Bins are great for organizing the fridge and freezer and come in a range of sizes.

14. I keep a container of  Clorox Disinfecting Wipes in each bathroom and the kitchen for daily mishaps and wipe downs.

 Need more help with Spring Cleaning?

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Have you started any spring cleaning?  What are your biggest challenges?