Get your Christmas table dinner-party ready this holiday season with a festive yet simple Christmas table arrangement. The Christmas centerpiece and place settings are simple, stunning, and seasonal. Of course, it’s not just the Christmas table that should sparkle, you want your home to be equally fresh and bright! So read on for all my tips and ideas.

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White and green Christmas table place settings

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Simple Christmas Table + Quick Tips 

As we draw closer to Christmas eve and Christmas day, there’s a constant flow of festive happening in the home. As we host gift exchanges, dinner parties, and maybe even a cozy holiday brunch, there’s always one thing in common, the dining table. 

For my family, the table is where most of my favorite memories are made, and some of my favorites always come from times spent around the table during the holidays.

With so much time spent gathering around the table, I always make sure it feels as cozy and decorated as the rest of the house. So to set the scene at your own table this year, you’ll want to check out this simple Christmas table setting, along with a few tips to help you get through holiday hosting.

Simple holiday decor

You’ll love how simple yet elegant this setting is, with a DIY centerpiece, classic dinnerware, and the cutest little holiday touches to make everything feel cozy. 

When you have everything feeling festive, you want to be sure your home smells fresh through all that the season has to bring. With the hustle and bustle of trying to be the hostess with the mostess, I love that I can count on my Air Wick® Pure Automatic Spray. It reaches every corner of the room with freshness 24/7, filling our home with the fresh fragrances we love and neutralizing the odors we don’t.

Once the house smells fresh and looks amazing, you can finally relax and focus on what matters most, the quality time with family and friends. 

simple Christmas centerpiece

Why You Should Set A Christmas Table For Holiday Gatherings

Now, you might be thinking, with everything I have to do this holiday season, how will I have the time or energy to put together a beautifully set Christmas table? 

Trust me, I get where you’re coming from. For years I didn’t worry about the table, the table was simply set with our everyday dinnerware and I called it a day. 

It wasn’t until a few years back that I realized how fun it is to get the table all dressed up for the holidays like when I did my Blue and Green Fall Tablescape for Thanksgiving.  After all, the dinner table is one of the biggest stages of the season, where a holiday dinner will be shared. Family and friends will come together to share a meal. So it goes without saying that decorating our table for this highly anticipated feast is almost as important as the food we will eat and the loved ones gathered around.

Simple Christmas holiday decor

Whether it’s traditional or more modern a beautiful Christmas table setting makes the whole evening feel more festive, a beautiful tablescape will keep the ones you love eagerly coming back year after year. It’s also a great way to add more family bonding time while you pick out the decor and work to set it up together.

To address the concerns of it being too much of a time commitment or expense, I’ve found that as long as I get everything planned out early, it’s a breeze to simply set up the Christmas table the day of. 

It only gets stressful if you think you need to spend a bunch of money, and if you don’t have a plan of how you’d like your Christmas table to look. Simple means more time to enjoy your guests.

Use what you have. You do not need to have dinnerware or linens that are specific to Christmas.  In fact, the simpler they are, the more you can build on them and use them all year long.

Christmas entertaining

5 Quick Tips For Preparing For Company Over The Holidays

Speaking of taking the stress off during the holidays, I have a few tips and tricks to stay stress-free when prepping to have company over the Christmas holiday. 

  1. First things first, make sure your home smells fresh! Air Wick® created their automatic spray with moms in mind. Clearly, moms are busy, especially during the holidays! When stressors like bad odors in the home are reduced you can focus on putting together the perfect Christmas gathering. Air Wick® Pure Automatic Spray does all the work for you, so you can take one more thing off your to-do list. 
  2. Next, make sure to empty the dishwasher the night before you’re having company. This way you have a completely empty dishwasher to work with, so the dirty dishes don’t end up piled on the counter. 
  3. Now, only focus on cleaning the rooms that will be used. Closed doors are your friend when it comes to entertaining guests. There’s no need to open up the whole house and add extra cleaning that doesn’t need to be done. Simply close the doors on any rooms that won’t be used, and no one will be the wiser. You can make sure they are tidied up just in case someone takes a peek behind the closed doors.  😉

Simple Christmas table placesetting

    1. Wipe down all counters and surfaces just before people start to arrive. These heavily used surfaces tend to get dirty again quickly, so don’t create more work for yourself by wiping everything down first, then having to go back and re-clean two hours later.
    2. Finally, don’t hesitate to request help. If you don’t have kids or a significant other that can lend a hand with the prep work, try asking a good friend, or close family member if they can come a little early and help out. Santa doesn’t run his Christmas show on his own, so why should you have to?

Simple Christmas table settings

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How To Start Setting The Christmas Table

The most important part of beginning the process getting together your Christmas table setting ideas is to know how many people you’ll be entertaining, then account for one or two extra just in case. 

Once you have those logistics taken care of, you’ll want to move on to creating your Christmas centerpiece. As it says in the name, it will be the center of your whole Christmas table setting, so you’ll want everything else to flow seamlessly with the Christmas centerpiece. 

This simple Christmas centerpiece adds a festive, custom touch to your holiday table without taking a lot time or effort.

My hope is you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you can bring life to that empty space on your table in just a few minutes! Chances are, you may have most of the supplies already on hand.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Supplies:

  • taper candle holders
  • taper candles
  • simple faux or fresh garland, stems or fresh greens, like eucalyptus  (Trader Joes has a great supply and won’t break the bank)
  • seasonal fruit, like pomegranates and pears


  1. Stagger candle holders, starting with the larger/tallest in the middle of the table.
  2. Wrap the garland, or fresh greens around candleholders (hide the ends the best you can by tucking them under)
  3. Add color and interest by staggering fruit and nestling them in the garland and use them to cover-up ends in garland.
  4. Lite candles when ready to seat guests.


simple Christmas centerpiece with fresh fruit

When the centerpiece has been decided on then you can work on picking out plates, chargers, and glassware that perfectly complements the rest of the table setting. I always like to go for a simple dish setting that still makes a statement but can still be used for many other occasions! 

On this Christmas table I used gold chargers (shhhh…….they are plastic!), cream dinnerware, forest green cloth napkins and matte black flatware for a simple elegant feel, but all items I can use any time of year!!

Lastly, you can get to the part that’s always my favorite. Adding little personal touches like place cards or a little ornament, napkins, holiday pillows and any other decor you want to add. My motto is typically less is more, because you don’t want to end up with an overcrowded table, but still have fun with it!

Simple Christmas was warm lights

Where To Find The Perfect Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Finding items for your Christmas table doesn’t have to be an expensive or taxing process. Many of the items I owned or bought this year were under $25 making it a very affordable and timeless table setting with items I can use for years. 

Shop my look:


Christmas Tabletop

Centerpiece and decor


Simple Christmas dinning room decor

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