Classic Style updo hair style for prom, homecoming, wedding or formal.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that Allison attended her senior prom last weekend.

I’m so proud of her and so excited to know she is facing such an exciting time in her life but where, oh where, did my little girl go? She has grown into a beautiful, confidant, capable young woman.

Prom is different than when I was in school.  Many of the kids go as a group of friends.  The whole class goes to the same park for pictures.  Dinner was catered at a local hall instead of the kids dealing with dinner reservations and making it to prom on time.   Parents are invited to the first hour of prom, where each student is announced by name along with their parents names, then prom queen and  king are crowned, and lastly, two songs kick off the night for the seniors to dance with their parents.  It was a fun night for everyone and she had a wonderful time.

Of course, the dress and hair have been the hot topics around our house for months.  The prom theme was The Great Gatsby, so Allison wanted something classic with a nod to the twenties.  She found a navy dress she fell in love with, at Lord & Taylor.  The dress came in just after Christmas and it was every bit as beautiful as it looked online!  The navy blue lace with a nude underlay and modest classic style was perfect for her!  We found nude heels at Macy’s and Jewelry at Aldo’s.

Prom hairstyle, of course, is the next biggest decision after the dress!  Lucky for Allison, she has an incredibly talented hair stylist who just happens to be her sister!! I love that picture of the two of them in the top of the collage – they are so close and sometimes I’m a little jealous they have a sister to bond with like that!  They decided on a classic updo hairstyle for prom that would have a roaring twenties wave and feel to it……  it turned out perfect and Allison looked beautiful!

Did you go to your senior prom?  What do you remember most about it?  

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