FREE Printable Flat Friends!! Print a Paper Doll of yourself, your kids or friends!  Pick one of 6 outfits and print off for fun!  

In two weeks bloggers from all over will be gathering in Nashville for the Blissdom Conference. They will be learning more about blogging, connecting with other bloggers, and making new friends Blissdom10 buzz is every where!

Unfortunately, not everyone that wants to go CAN go. As much as I’d love to go, it’s just not going to happen for me this year………….

or is it?

My amazingly creative and talented friend Cathe Holden is going and we were hoping we would be able to meet in person…..even share a room and some laughs!

Jokingly, during one of our conversations, I told Cathe that if I couldn’t make it…she could take Flat TidyMom!!

Well, Cathe LOVED the idea!

In no time, Cathe not only had Flat TidyMom ready to go, she even made her six conference day outfits; a cocktail dress, workout wear, and some pj’s for movie night!

Flat TidyMom

OMG, isn’t she just TOO CUTE!?

And being the kind and VERY generous person that Cathe is…..

she has created PDF files so

YOU too can take a friend to Blissdom

or send your fabulous flat self with a friend who is going!

Visit Just Something I Made and make your own flat friend!

and if you’re one of the lucky 500 who will be attending Blissdom…

please look for me and Cathe! We’d love to meet you AND get a picture with you!

I’m REALLY hoping I can get a picture with Harry Connick Jr! He’s going to sing at Blissdom10!

{swoon}…..don’t make my butt look too big Cathe!

don’t worry, you don’t have to attend a blog conference to print your own flat friend!  They are great for family, kids and friends!

 Click here to print your own flat friends


Flat Friends!! Print a Paper Doll of yourself or your kids! Pick one of 6 outfits and print off for fun! Learn more at (thanks to Cathe Holden for the fun idea!)


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