Swagbucks * Amazon * KitchenAid

Wonder what those three things have in common?

I first told you about Swagbucks here.

Since then, I have continued to use Swagbucks to search to web (it’s especially easy to use, since I added the Swagbucks toolbar to my browser) and my Swagbucks balance continued to grow. Once I have enough, I am able to cash my Swagbucks in for prizes…………I always go for the $5 Amazon gift cards.

{do you see where this is going?}

Once I receive the Amazon gift cards in my Swagbucks account, I just drop them in my Amazon account……so that money is just sitting there waiting for me to use it.

As my Amazon gift card balance began to grow, I started to realize that my dream to own a KitchenAid Mixer became more and more possible.

After being patient for a few months, I was able to purchase this beauty for half price!!

KitchenAid Mixer at TidyMom

………had I waited a little longer, I could have gotten it for free…….but patience is something I don’t have much of!

I’m now saving up for Christmas purchases!!!

I am LOVING my new black shinny baby!

Butter Cream frosting was a cinch, but I really cant wait to mix up a batch of cookies and royal icing!!…..No more standing for 10 minutes with the hand mixer!!


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