I have a quick little kitchen tip to share with you today.  Find out why I place a towel over my mixer to avoid messes!

Tidy Kitchen Tip: Learn how to keep flour and powdered sugar from going all over your kitchen when using your electric mixer at TidyMom.net

Last week when I was making cupcakes, I shared a picture on Instagram that many people didn’t know, so I thought it would be a good idea to share on the blog too.

How many times have you added powdered sugar or flour to your mixer, only to be met with a cloud of dust covering you and your kitchen as soon as you turn it on?  Even if you start the mixer slow, you’re bound to have some powdered sugar flying around the kitchen.

I now grab a kitchen towel and drape it over my mixer to keep flour and sugar dust down.

I know some people use a damp towel, and that will help catch even more dust, but most of the time I just use a dry towel and it get’s the job done just as well.

It’s also a great trick for liquid splatters too, like adding milk to mashed potatoes!

I know….I know, I have a splatter guard for my KitchenAid mixer, but who knows where it is? Besides, a towel is much easier to find and store. 😉 

Just note, don’t USE the towel after, because it’s covered in dust…….not that I ever picked it up and tried drying my hands with it or anything (cough, cough)

Have you tried this trick?

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