If you hang out here much, I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about how much I love the downloadable e-zine, Photographing FOOD.  

Food Blogging today is no longer just having great recipes and writing, you have to have the pictures to go with it. Taylor Mathis, a professional food photographer and blogger shows you how to improve your food photography today, from DIY lighting for beginners to lighting modifiers for professionals and SO much more!

Photographing FOOD is broken down into 8 easy to understand issues, on different aspects of food photography, along with step-by-step examples.  Taylor shows you how it set up the shot, and the final image with camera settings.

Each issue is 35-40 full color pages and priced at only $5 per issue —–which is a fabulous price any day and would make a great gift!

 Right now, thru Monday Dec 2 you can save 25% off any and all issues PLUS you can get the Holiday Issue (Composition & Styling Series) for FREE!!!

 (click image to download your free issue)

Photographing FOOD Holiday_sale


This would be a great time to grab the FREE Holiday issue to see what photgraphing FOOD is all about.  

In this issue, one o the topics Taylor talks about is Lighting on a Budget!  Most bloggers know how hard it is to shoot in natural light during the winter months…….. Taylor show’s you a light set up using a $10 light from the hardware store, and how you can easily make your own light diffuser

Download Volume 2 Issue 2 for FREE now thru Dec 2, 2013 (reg $5)

Photographing FOOD with Taylor Mathis - ezine series


 Curious about what photographing FOOD is? Check the new promo video! 

Photographing FOOD Promo from Sara Mathis Productions on Vimeo.


Hurry though on tuesday Dec 3, 2013 all issues will go back to $5 each.

PhotographingFOOD ezine


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 My favorite tool for editing my photos!

RadLab Simplified Editing

disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post, I just really really love photographing FOOD e-zines and have every issue.  This post does contain an affiliate link.