Can you imagine if you lost your entire blog?!

Whether your blog is hosted free or if you pay for hosting, accidents can and do happen!  It’s easy to think “it wont happen to me”……..but what if you got up one morning, poured a fresh hot cup of coffee, flipped open the laptop…and poof….your site is GONE!  Don’t be the one who doesn’t back up their blog!

backup your blog

Most of us……no, make that ALL of us who blog, put a lot of work into our blogs.  The more your site grows, the more data is accumulated and stored on the server.

Why you should back up your blog?

  • You make changes to your blog that mess it up
  • Your blog gets hacked
  • You want to change web hosts and move your blog
  • You accidentally delete your blog
  • No matter how much you trust your hosting company, disasters happen to everyone.

Take control of your content and get some peace of mind.

Learn to back up your blog

….and do it on a regular basis!

If you are on Blogger, there is a very simple way to do to back up your blog. In your Blogger dashboard, click on “Settings.” Then click on “Export Blog.” On the next page, click on “Download Blog” and you will be able to save a file to your hard drive with all your posts and comments.

If your blog is self-hosted, it’s a bit more involved but every bit as important!  Contact your host and have them walk you thru how to back up your site.

Why not just use a backup plugin?

  • most plugins only back up WordPress – doing the backups not only backs up your WordPress database but backs up your ENTIRE site
  • Plugins can be less than reliable and sometimes cause big overhead on your server
  • Hosting companies don’t like backup plugins because they use and abuse resources
  • if you want to keep your hosting company happy with you, using the methods outlined (above) are the safest.

It’s the weekend, how about starting a new habit, and back up your blog every weekend!

Don’t wait and learn the hard way.