Do you have a “honey do” list?  Our guest bathroom has been on that list for some time now.  So when the good folks at Home Depot recently asked if I would like a few high tech bathroom updates to help keep our bathroom squeaky clean, I said sign me up!!!

Stay Squeaky clean with high-tech Bathroom updates at   American Standard VorMax Flush Toilet and Moen Microban Protection Faucet

This post brought to you by The Home Depot. 

It’s no secret that I like a clean bathroom, you can read my Golden Rules for Cleaning the Bathroom.  Like other areas in the house, I believe in staying on top of your cleaning to make cleaning quick and easy.  Doing a little every day is much easier than tackling a big dirty job every so often…..not to mention, this keeps my house in pretty decent shape and I don’t worry so much about unexpected guests.

I also love products that do some of the work for me.  That’s why I’m in love with the high-tech toilet we got with VorMax technology!

Yeah……I just said “I’m in love with a toilet”, and I’m not afraid to admit it.  Why?  Not only is this toilet sleek and elegant looking (it also sit’s a little bit higher, which my 6’4″ husband really loves), but the VorMax flushing technology keeps the toilet bowl cleaner by simply flushing the toilet. — it might be the closest thing to a self cleaning toilet I’ve ever had!! 😉 

American Standard VorMax Flush Toilet - high-tech Bathroom updates at

What exactly is a VorMax flushing system?

  • VorMax Flush Technology delivers a powerful jet of water that scrubs the bowl clean from top to bottom, removing everything in its path
  • It completely cleans the entire bowl, including under the rim and  has been tested and proven to CLEAN 2X BETTER than conventional toilets.
  • There are 2 flush valves, yet it uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush, a 20% savings compared to 1.6 gallon per flush toilets.
  • This technology helps maintain a tidier toilet bowl longer, so cleaning is a breeze.

Want to see it in action?  This is weird, I know, but I was SO excited about how this toilet flushes I texted a video to a least 3 people, so I thought I’d put one on here for you all to see…….because seeing IS believing!

Pretty cool right?  The VorMax flush creates a whirlpool effect starting under the rim of the toilet and whooshes round and round instead of the standard holes under the rim that water is forced through.  The CleanCurve Rim Design eliminates the hard-to-reach area that is usually under the rim, where dirt and buildup hide.

Want to learn more about this high tech bathroom upgrade?  Head over to Home Depot for all the details on the American Standard Optum Vormax Complete Toilet

Squeaky Clean Bathroom with a high-tech toilet that practically cleans itself at

The next high-tech bathroom upgrade was the faucet.  I went with the beautiful Moen Vale Bathroom Faucet with Microban Protection in Spot Resist Nickel .  I love the intricate architectural features giving our bathroom a polished, traditional look with the classic lever handles and a tapered spout.

How does this faucet keep my high tech bathroom squeaky clean?

  • it’s treated with Microban, which is anti-microbial protection that resists bacterial growth –wave good-bye to germs and less time cleaning!!
  • it has Spot Resist, a finish that resists fingerprints and water spots.  SWEET!!! one less thing I have to worry about looking good.

Stay Squeaky Clean with a few high-tech Bathroom updates at

Take a look at our bathroom before our high tech bathroom upgrades.

bathroom before updated toilet and faucet


It’s amazing what a difference a toilet and faucet can make.  Much more classy don’t you think? Now I can worry less about germs in the bathroom and spend more time enjoying my home with family and friends.

Up next on my “Honey Do” list?  finish this bathroom.  This high tech bathroom has no window, so we need to paint to brighten it up – I love my shower curtain, so it’s staying , maybe new flooring, frame out the mirror and get new lights.

American Standard VorMax Flush Toilet and Moen Microban Protection Faucet - Stay Squeaky clean with high-tech Bathroom updates at

Give your bathroom a healthy upgrade for a simple, spotless clean you can enjoy every day. No matter your price range, The Home Depot has products from flushless toilets to hard-working cleaning products to help you increase the hygiene factor in your bathroom so it’s simple to get a spotless and less germy bathroom space.

Disclaimer: I have a working relationship with The Home Depot to promote the Squeaky Clean Bathroom campaign. As always, all opinions and love of a clean home are my own.  Post contains affiliate links.