“I love your hair”.…………those are the four words I hear most every time I leave the house.  Whether I’m at the drive thru, grocery store, airport or emergency room.  I get compliments from men, women, old and young.  It’s become a joke with my family, they roll their eyes every time they hear it………Well, ONE of them doesn’t roll her eyes, because SHE ‘s my stylist!  That’s right, my oldest daughter is a hair stylist! Which is great for me, because I’ve always been super picky about my hair and I’m a bit obsessive about hair products.

I thought it would be fun to share my favorite hair products .  My daughter recently moved to a brand spanking new salon, Elle Salon and Spa, if you are in or near Eureka, MO (St. Louis) be sure to ask for Heather.  Then you too can have strangers stop you on the street and tell you how much they love YOUR hair!  {wink}

Elle Salon and Spa is an Aveda Salon, and I’m gradually making the switch to Aveda products, so look for another post in a few months on my favorite Aveda products!

Hair Care Tips

I have thick hair with  just a little bit of wave.  This cut/style works great for me, and I can go 2-3 days with out washing, and I love my chunky highlights and lowlights.

favorite hair products

On towel dried hair I use a pea sized amount of:

1.  Matrix Vavoom Loosely Defined Texture Creme – smells wonderful and gives my hair amazing body and texture with out feeling to heavy or sticky.

2.  Enjoy Hair & Skin Treatment Oil– this fabulous product helps smooth out frizzies and gives my hair shine.  Especially great for use with flat irons! *LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!

then a small handfull of mousse

3.  Matrix Vavoom Volumizing Foam Mousse – gives my hair volume

I then dry my hair with a large round brush and vent brush.

4.  1″ Chi Flat Iron – definitely worth the money – we own 3 of them – and have tried all the cheaper ones….nothing compares!  1″ is all you need for any hair length ( you can also make curls using the 1″)

5.  Enjoy Cream Pomade – I rub a small amount on all my finger tips and run my fingers thru the ends of the front long pieces of my hair.  This gives it a “piecey” look and keeps if from looking frizzy.

6.  Big Sexy Hair – Spray & Play Harder – LOVE this hairspray! Gives me great hold without the stiffness!

**All products can be found on Amazon by clicking the links above, or ask your stylist.

You can see how well it even held up while we were touring Pebble Beach 17-Mile drive in Monterey with Dole.

I LOVE my FriendsPictured with me: Kristen, Brooke, Dana, Maggy, Shaina

So there ya go…….may seem a little excessive, but I promise, they all have a “job”.  I’ve tried eliminating one here and there, and was not as happy with the results.

Click here if you want to know another dirty little secret about my hair.

I’d love to hear about some of your favorite hair products!


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