Can we talk about makeup today?  I’m in the mood to talk about something “girlie”.

A few months ago Allison and I wandered into Sephora desperate for some “new eyes”.  I have to say, I’m just thrilled with what I got that day and though I can’t be like Oprah, and give you all some, I can share what I brought home!  You may want to give some a try yourself!

I’m not a huge make up freak, I don’t even wear much most days around the house.  But I do wear it when I leave the house.  I’ve been feeling in a bit of a rut with eye shadow, and the girl at Sephora had me jump up in her stool and work a little magic.

She was really great, I told her “I want something for every day, and I’m 46, NOT 16” HA!

She found one color and I fell in love.

BareMinerals Eyecolor in Cashmere.


It’s a vibrant, light weight and  long lasting, silky smooth matte color that blends seamlessly. How’s THAT for a description!  (If you like a little shimmer, Allison got a gorgeous coppery color called Sex Kitten)  These eye colors are great all on their own or mixed.  I usually just wear this color all over my lid, but occasionally I add a little pink shadow over top, then blend.

Which brings me to brushes…..I didn’t own nice eye make up brushes.

Sephora Classic Concealer Brush #46


I watched the girl work her magic with this little beauty when she applied my eye shadow (I watched her technique as she did Allison’s eyes).  It’s actually a concealer brush, but she told me it’s her favorite for applying eye shadow

This is by no means an expensive make-up brush, but for $17, it’s better than a sponge applicator or my finger.  I love the shape and how easy it is to hold.

 Sephora Pro Natural All Over Shadow Brush #12


After applying the eyecolor, she used this brush to blend the color.  It’s actually a brush to apply all over eyecolor, but works beautifully for blending.  The wide shape and condensed, evenly distributed bristles make sure that your whole lid is uniformly covered.  Again, very affordable at $18.

When she was finished applying our eyecolor I saw the Sephora girl spray the brushes and wipe with a tissue.

Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner



This daily brush cleaner not only cleans and protects your brushes, but it disinfects them as well.  But what I like the most, is how easy it is to use.  You just spray your brush, and wipe with a tissue… rinsing, no drying!  When it’s that easy to use, I use it every day!

And one last item, which really should be the FIRST item.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion


I’ve used this eye primer for years and swear by it…… also happens to be the first thing the Sephora girl put on my eyelids before we got started.  It works wonders at keeping your shadow and eye liner from sliding off and 100% crease proof!

You can read about my favorite hair products here.


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