I have to share one of the many projects that I’ve been making with my new Silhouette!

Have you ever etched glass? I can’t believe how easy it is to do!!

Take a look at what I did to my trifle bowl!……Would this not make a cute wedding or birthday gift? Think of all the possibilities!

DIY Etched Glass {enjoy} bowl tutorial (great gift idea) at TidyMom.net


By adding {enjoy} to it makes this the perfect bowl for any dessert, like Angle Food Patriotic Delight or Chocolate Oreo Peanut Butter Dessert.

DIY Etched Glass {enjoy} bowl tutorial (great gift idea) at TidyMom.net
I have to say though……..a glass bowl is SO hard to photograph!……I must have taken 25+ pictures before I realized it showed up the best in front of the window. Still not the BEST shot….does any one know how to shoot something like this?

Want to see how I made it?!

DIY Etched Glass.  Great idea for gifts


  1. Use your spiffy Silhouette Craft Cutter to cut what you want etched on the glass on adhesive vinyl.
  2. remove the letters from the vinyl and place a piece of adhesive paper to the front of your vinyl stencil and rub firmly (I used my Pampered Chef scraper)
  3. turn your vinyl over and remove the backing from the vinyl (leaving vinyl attached to the adhesive paper)
  4. place the vinyl on your bowl
  5. rub the adhesive paper firmly, allowing the vinyl to attach to the trifle bowl. Be sure to rub out any bubbles or creases.
  6. removed adhesive backing
  7. apply a thick layer of etching cream with a sponge according to package instructions (I purchased etching cream at Hobby Lobby, or you can find it on Amazon)
  8. Leave the etching cream sit for about 15 mins.
  9. Rinse off cream really well and remove vinyl! This makes the etching permanent, so you can not rub or wash it off. Wash bowl with soap and water, dry and it’s ready to use!

So easy right?!

You could do this for a wedding or shower gift using a trifle bowl or even a Pyrex dish, just etch the couple’s new last name! Add some hot pads and your favorite recipe and you have the perfect unique gift!

I will share a few more easy Silhouette projects  in the next few days!


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