With all of the rain we’ve had this year, my windows are a mess.  I’ve found an easy way to clean windows!

I love that my windows tip in for cleaning the outside, but they only tip in on the bottom half making the top outside window ummmmmm….hard to clean!

window cleaning TidyMom

Last week I couldn’t stand my dirty windows any more, we had a dry beautiful day….perfect for window cleaning!

Want to know my secret for cleaning the outside of my windows that don’t tip in?

I use my Swiffer floor tool – wrap a few paper towels around it

swiffer at TidyMom

spray the window with my cleaner – the use the Swiffer to reach outside and clean the upper half of my windows!

Easy Window Cleaning tips at TidyMom.net

Works for ME!!

Now I have beautiful CLEAN windows!!

clean windows

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