My friend Bridget of Bake at 350 brought this fabulous program to my attention!

The program is brilliant and fun: Bake a bunch of cookies, invite friends or family (or neighbors, or co-workers) to stop in and help decorate, then donate your cookies to a local food pantry, emergency shelter, senior center, lunch program, or other community agency. It’s a simple idea but can make a big impact as we know that cookies make people smile and feel happy. (You can read all about it at Drop In & Decorate)

So this year Bridget is having us ALL over to her house to decorate cookies!


LOL….. just kidding!

Obviously she can’t have all over, but she IS having a

Bake at 350 virtual Drop In & Decorate event!

Click here to get all of the details on the virtual event at Bake at 350.

This year, Pillsbury is donating 50 VIP coupons, worth $3.00 each off any Pillsbury product to be distributed (first come, first served while supply lasts) to anyone who plans to host a Drop In & Decorate event. And Lydia says she’ll include a Comfort Grip cookie cutter, donated by Wilton, to people who plan to host cookies-for-donation events.

Contact Lydia ( lydia AT ninecooks DOT com ) for information on free coupons and cookie cutters.

Visit The Perfect Pantry to find out more about Lydia and all that she does.

Do not think that you need to be a baker as Lydia will tell you that she is baking-challenged so anyone can do this. You can find a free guide with everything you need to know to host your own party.

Make and bake your cookies ahead of time, remember Bridget’s guest post about freezing cookies here. Drop In & Decorate has a recipe for Royal Icing and how to’s here. You can purchase meringue powder at Michaels with one of their 50% off coupons! Bridget also has tips on making Royal Icing ahead of time here.

And, most important: Have fun!

Decorating Cookies and Donating……Works for ME!